16 Must-See Wedding Moments Caught on Camera

Sweet wedding snaps you need to see for yourself.
by Rachel sylvester

Each wedding is filled with its fair share of unforgettable moments—from well-timed toasts to epic ceremony entrances. But no matter how much time, sweat and tears you've put into planning your nuptials, there's no telling which moments will be your most memorable. That's why we love these sweet snapshots that prove sometimes the best wedding moments can't be planned months in advance.

  1. Amanda & Ryan

    JBW Photography

    Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    "I was so anxious, but once I saw Ryan, everything went away," Amanda says of their emotional first look. "This isn't our greatest shot from our wedding day, but it does remind me of the absolute joy we felt at that moment. For that reason, it just may be the best photo after all."

  2. Corinne & Troy

    Lucas Botz Photography

    Minneapolis, MN

    "This was our first moment alone as husband and wife in the city where we met, and we didn't have a care in the world," Corinne says. "We finally did it—we were married! And of course we had on goofy 'bride' and 'groom' sunglasses."

  3. Molly & Brough

    Dana Goodson Photography

    St. Augustine, FL

    "The element I stressed over the most turned out to be such a blessing," Molly says of the rain on her wedding day. "In this moment, Brough and I realized the day was about us officially becoming one and starting a new chapter together—it didn't matter if it rained or shined."

  4. Carolyn & Delineau

    Lisa Rigby Photography

    Boston, MA

    "A high five is always my last ditch effort to hold his attention," Carolyn says of the preceremony moment with her nephew, Xavier. "I had just called him over and said, 'Xavier, I'm getting married—give me a high five,' so he leaned in before he walked away to go play. I love that this photo is so telling of our relationship."

  5. Michelle & Brandon

    Chellise Michael Photography

    Brooklyn, NY

    After a van full of NYPD officers congratulated Michelle and Brandon by flashing their lights and blaring their sirens, the couple seized the opportunity for a photo op. "One cop took it upon himself to put his hat on me while his buddies reminded him not to mess up my hair," Michelle says. "But I was down with sacrificing my hairstyle for such a great candid shot!"

  6. Lauren & Kevin

    Joey Kennedy Photography

    Pittsburgh, PA

    After exiting the church for postceremony photos, Lauren and Kevin were caught off guard as they walked across a sidewalk grate. "Both my dress and veil instantly blew up into the air," Lauren says. "Our amazing photographer stopped me in my tracks since we saw the opportunity for such a fun shot. I was just thankful for the momentary warmth it provided!"

  7. Joleen & Stan

    Sasithon Photography

    Andover, NJ

    Since Stan proposed to Joleen during an afternoon ride, it only made sense for the pair to incorporate their shared love of bicycles into their wedding. "This moment, on our tandem bike together, just made it feel so real," Joleen says. "We'd be spending the rest of our lives together, biking and doing all of the things we love as husband and wife."

  8. Krysten & Sam

    Stefano Choi Photography

    Houston, TX

    As Krysten's attendants helped her get into her dress, the realization that she'd soon see Sam sunk in. "This was right before our first look and I was a basket of nerves," Krysten says. "I had been emotional all day and this moment was no exception, especially since my mom was seeing my dress for the first time. I couldn't help but think, 'Wow—I look like a bride!' "

  9. Lina & Alex

    Altmix Photography

    Douglasville, GA

    Moments before Lina and Alex said "I do," the couple snuck away for their first look. "Alex was getting ready to twirl me around, but my mind was already spinning," Lina says. "I was just counting down the seconds until I married my first love and the first man I'd ever kissed."

  10. Kelly & JD

    Jessica Miller Photography

    Columbus, OH

    "It was windy, so my veil kept flying into JD's face," Kelly says of this perfectly captured shot on the way to their reception. "We were both just so happy to finally be married and really enjoyed that moment."

  11. Kristin & Brent

    Lark Photography

    Kansas City, MO

    Postceremony, Kristin and Brent stopped at their recently renovated home (which dates back to 1883) in Kansas City's historic Westside neighborhood. "We sat there and talked, trying to make each other laugh for the camera," Kristin says. "We ended up losing track of time and barely made it back to the reception before dinner started."

  12. Tuyen & Simon

    The Photogenic Lab

    Breckenridge, CO

    "We were on our way to our ceremony destination, which we'd never seen before," Tuyen says of her prewedding sleigh ride with Simon. "We rented an Airbnb with friends for our yearly snowboarding trip, and decided three weeks before our vacation that we would elope while we were out there!"

  13. Monica & Leigh

    Riley MacLean Photography

    Raleigh, NC

    After Monica and Leigh had their first look, they decided to take some time to be together before the festivities commenced. "I was just so giddy and excited!" Monica says. "It was all so surreal. You put this whole thing together and you think it's never going to come. Then, you're like, 'Oh! It's finally here!' "

  14. Ann & Wil

    Autumn Harrison Photography

    Roanoke, VA

    "A few minutes before this very moment, we were announced husband and wife," Ann says. "We were completely overwhelmed with love and joy as we walked up the aisle, hand in hand, officially as the new Mr. and Mrs. Despeines."

  15. Danielle & Charlie

    Arrae Photography

    Grand Rapids, MI

    After Danielle and Charlie said "I do," the newlyweds posed for some postceremony photos outside of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. "I envisioned some city shots as the snow came down," Danielle says. But instead of snow, the couple experienced freezing rain! "Charlie and I had to keep bundled together under our umbrella to stay dry," she says. "I love that the most imperfect weather make for the perfect photo."

  16. Sarah & Matt

    Megan Saul Photography

    Chicago, IL

    "We did practically everything ourselves when it came to our wedding," Sarah says of planning their city celebration. "This was the moment when we finally realized we didn't need to stress, rush or make sure everything was running according to schedule. We looked at each other and started laughing, knowing that we could finally just relax."

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