Why We Love David Beahm

David is a staple on the New York social scene -- with a resume including the Plaza Hotel wedding of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas in 2000 and a even a new exclusive Destinations Weddings service. He dishes his top tips and tricks with us.
by Susan Waits

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Treat Your Wedding Like a Production

"I look at weddings as theater," David says. "They are a dramatic event -- a full-fledged show." If you're looking to entertain your guests as much as possible, start with the mind-set of planning your wedding just as you would a stage play. Amp up the overall glamour, keep logistics as streamlined as possible, and find unique ways to wow your guests. Think of it like this, David says: "The curtain goes up at invitation time, and when everybody leaves, the show's over."

Put Your Imagination to Use

Never feel constrained by your venue or by what you might see as a limitation. David advises thinking beyond the physical space and following your imagination. "Don't go into a room and look at it only one way," he says. "Look at it in different ways and understand how to make it better or how to tell your story." If you don't like something about a venue, David suggests diverting the attention in other ways. Whether it's through strategic draping or careful placement of attention-grabbing arrangements, there's always a way of masking parts of a venue you may not love. "You show the guest what you want them to see," he explains.

Make Proper Lighting a Priority

No matter the venue, David recommends making an investment in high-quality lighting design. Why? "Simply because it absolutely brings out the drama in everything," he says. "If you're spending a lot of money on flowers and not lighting them properly, then why make that investment?" Especially if you're hosting a ballroom reception, David advises softening the space, because standard overhead lighting in many ballrooms tends to create harsh shadows. "Warm tones, in pinks and ambers, really make everybody look beautiful and feel beautiful," he says. "I urge every bride to consider some sort of professional lighting; it makes such a difference."

Trust Your Instincts...and Your Vendors

""There comes a point when a bride can overthink and second-guess herself," David says. But understandably so -- it's easy to get caught up in the pressure of the planning process! He advises moving on after making a decision, knowing it will be beautiful. "Maybe something minor might happen," he says, "but it needn't be the end of the world. You just keep going." The best way to fully ensure everything is exactly as you'd like is to trust your vendors. "It is very important when you are interviewing your vendors to trust your instincts," he says. "Do you like the person? Do you want to spend time with that vendor? Can you give that vendor money and know you're going to be well taken care of?" The right people will always have your best interest at heart, giving you the freedom to enjoy your wedding.

Consider a Destination Wedding

If you're the type of person who prefers a more intimate circle of friends, David recommends treating a smaller group of guests to a fabulous destination weekend. "The thing that makes destination weddings so special," he says, "is that you're taking that group of people with whom you really want to share your day." By celebrating elsewhere, you're able to avoid involving 300 people you may not know and are free to spend your money spoiling the people you truly care about. "You're taking a special group away from everything they know and creating a memory. I don't believe you can put a price on a memory like that," he says.

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