Destination Weddings: 6 Destination Wedding Favor Ideas

Here are 6 wedding favors your guests will make a point to pack.
  1. Leather Luggage Tags

    Remind them of your wedding every time they travel! Have each tag personalized with the guest's name and address. (Bonus: These can also double as escort or place cards!)
  2. Local Delicacies

    Olive oil in Italy, wine in Napa, macadamia nuts in Hawaii -- do your research and find a treat native to your destination wedding site to send guests off with a taste of the locale.
  3. Photo by Visionari

    Local Postcards

    Bundle a small stack of pre-stamped postcards featuring photos of local sites so guests can write home about how much fun they’re having.
  4. CD by a Local Musician

    Choose an icon (Jimmy Buffet in Key West, Bob Marley in Jamaica) or a little-known but killer band you’ve just discovered.
  5. Mini Photo Albums

    They'll thank you later when they’re filling their travel-friendly albums with photos from the trip.
  6. Photo by The Knot

    Personalized Canvas Tote

    Perfect for taking to the beach or simply lugging on the plane with all your carry-on items, a canvas tote is a universally appealing gift. Have yours emblazoned with the date and destination of your wedding for a lasting memory. (Tip: Try this 100% recyclable version from The Knot Shop!)