Destination Weddings: Making Guests Comfortable With Cost?


We really want to have a far-flung wedding, but we're not sure how to select a destination where guests will be comfortable with the price. Any suggestions?


There are a number of ways to go about selecting the ideal location for your far-flung nuptials, but here's one that almost always works: Before choosing a destination, decide on a price parameter for your guests first and then research destinations within that range. For example, if you know your guests won't pay more than $500 for the plane ticket and $200/night for a hotel room, only look into locations with average travel costs, and reputable hotels/resorts below that amount.

If you (like most couples) already have your heart set on a specific destination, however, then it is important to keep your guests in mind when suggesting accomodation options. If you're staying at a hotel that you think may be too pricey for many of your guests, make sure you provide several affordable alternatives in the area.

Either way, you should choose a location that will fit and adapt to your guests' needs -- and no one knows them better than you.

-- JoAnn Gregoli

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