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What Honeymoon Destination Fits Your Inner Disney Princess?

Take the quiz—because we all know your inner princess will be booking the honeymoon.
France and photo of Belle
Courtesy of Disney; istock
catherine jessee the knot contributor
by Catherine Jessee
catherine jessee the knot contributor
Catherine Jessee
The Knot Contributor
  • Catherine Jessee is a Nathalie Dupree Graduate Fellow at Southern Foodways Alliance and is completing her Master of Arts in Southern Studies.
  • Catherine previously worked on editorial teams, but is currently studying Appalachian History.
  • Catherine worked for The Knot as a Digital Editorial Intern from 2016 to 2017.

After months of wedding planning, your honeymoon is the time to sit back, relax and let it go. But choosing the perfect destination can be hard, especially when they're all so stunning. Channel your inner Disney princess and take our quiz to find out which honeymoon spot you should choose—a mountain fjord or a beachside resort—and where to book your stay, from a historic castle to a luxe oceanside tent.

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