Divorced Parents: Wedding Receiving Line Etiquette for Divorced Parents?


My fiance's parents are divorced and are not on good terms. How should I place them in the wedding receiving line, and should their spouses be included?


If you choose to have both of his parents stand in the receiving line, don't place them next to each other. You wouldn't want to mislead guests into thinking that his parents are still married. Consider placing your parents and the two of you in between his mom and dad. Whether you include his parents' spouses depends on how you and your fiance feel. If including the spouses seems like a good way to provide a buffer between your fiance's parents, then it might be a good idea. Another acceptable solution is to have only your moms in the receiving line. Your dads can mingle with guests while you, your husband, and your mothers greet guests in the receiving line.

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by The Knot