DIY Updos Perfect for a Bohemian Wedding

Nontraditional wedding style is totally trending. Here's how to perfect a perfectly undone bridal updo.
by Shelley Brown
  1. Low messy side bun wedding updo

    If you're having a bohemian wedding, you probably don't want to go with a more traditional bridal hairstyle. Beachy waves, messy braids and undone updos are gorgeous wedding hair options that are free-spirited enough to work in a nontraditional setting. And, if you're having an outdoor ceremony or reception, fresh flowers and floral-inspired hair accessories really make these windswept styles pop.

    We got the scoop on how to re-create some of the hottest bohemian wedding updos from Bumble and bumble stylist Allen Wood (who, by the way, recently styled Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost's hair for her wedding). Check out Wood's exclusive tips on how to DIY the updos he recently created for hair accessories brand LELET NY, below.

  2. Braided Side Ponytail Wedding Updo

    braided side ponytail bridal updo

    DIY the Look: Spritz wet hair with saltwater spray and let it air dry. Create a center part and separate hair into two sections. Loosely french braid the left side of your hair, starting from your bangs and ending at the nape of your neck. Sweep your remaining hair to your left shoulder, splitting it into two sections and creating two classic braids. (You should have three different braids at this point.) Pull apart your braids for a less structured look and interwine them, securing with bobby pins. Experiment with different sizes and types of braids for your own take on this hairstyle. Finish off your braided side ponytail with large fresh flowers for a dramatic accent.

    Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion sea salt spray, $29 for 3.4 oz., Does It All hair spray, $28 for 10 oz.,

  3. Loose Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Updo

    half-up half-down bridal updo with gold headband

    DIY the Look: Spritz hair with saltwater spray and coil sections of hair into several small buns. Blow dry for a wavy, beachy texture. Take your hair out of the buns and work dry shampoo into hair from roots to end to add volume. Part your hair in the middle and separate out two small front sections on either side. Create two loose french braids, starting at the front of your hair and ending at the nape of your neck. Crisscross the braids at the nape of your neck and secure with bobby pins. Finish off with shine serum to tame flyaways. Add a circlet or headband for a more whimsical vibe.

    Bumble and bumble Surf Spray saltwater spray, $27 for 4 oz., Prêt-à-powder dry shampoo, $27 for 2 oz., Brilliantine shine serum, $24 for 2 oz.,

  4. Low Messy Side Bun Wedding Updo

    low messy side bun wedding updo

    DIY the Look: Work thickening hair spray into your hair and blow it dry while massaging your roots for added volume. Gather your hair into a low side ponytail and spritz with texturizing spray for a windswept feel. Rope braid your side ponytail and coil it into a messy low bun, securing with bobby pins. Pull bits of hair out around your hairline to create an undone effect. Finish off with hair spray. To get in on the regal trend, consider adding an ornate gold headband.

    Bumble and bumble Thickening Hairspray styling spray, $15 for 4 oz., Dryspun Finish texturizing spray, $30 for 4 oz., Spray de Mode hair spray, $28 for 10 oz.,

  5. Braided Low Bun Wedding Updo

    braided low bun wedding updo

    DIY the Look: Spritz a styling lotion from roots to ends and hand dry with a blow-dryer to get a more textured look. Then, massage dry shampoo into the crown of your head for added lift. Part your hair in the middle and take a small section from either side and rope braid them. Crisscross the two rope braids in the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins at the back of your head at ear-level. Gather the rest of your hair (including the ends of the rope braids) and create a loose, classic braid. Twist the classic braid into a low, loose bun and secure it with bobby pins where the rope braids are crisscrossed. Pull out small pieces around the hairline for an undone style. Finish it off with hair spray. Weave in wildflowers for an organic feel, and for extra sparkle, add hairpins with crystals or pearls.

    Bumble and bumble Styling lotion, $29 for 8 oz., Prêt-à-powder dry shampoo, $27 for 2 oz., Does It All hair spray, $28 for 10 oz.,

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