Make Your Own Cascading Floral Centerpiece (With Kale!)

We promise: Kale is as beautiful in your centerpieces as it is healthy in your salad. Learn how to create a lush, organic centerpiece for your prewedding parties or reception with tips from stylist and floral designer Kiana Underwood.
  1. 1. Gather Your Supplies

    You'll need: garden and climbing roses, hydrangea, ornamental kale, clematis, a milk glass vessel and pruning shears.

  2. 2. Start with a Vase

    To create a flowing floral centerpiece, start with a pedestal vase. Construct a base in the bowl of the vessel with ornamental kale. You'll build the rest of the arrangement on top and around the kale.

    Tip: Choose your vase after you pick your flowers so you can make sure they complement each other.

  3. 3. Add Hydrangea

    Create the asymmetry of the centerpiece by placing a taller hydrangea branch on the opposite side of the kale.

  4. 4. Add Colorful Blooms

    Add the climbing roses both underneath and above the hydrangea. Place a couple of kale stems in between the blooms.

  5. 5. Arrange Strategically

    Add the single roses to the arrangement. As you put flowers in the vase, take a step back to examine your arrangement and check that you're placing flowers and foliage just where you need them. And finally, add a single clematis bloom for color and texture.

    Tip: Create your arrangement while looking in a mirror, so you can see all sides (as your guests will!).