DIY "Yay!" Fan Wedding Program

Download the templates and get everything you need to make these cute fan ceremony programs.
by Amy Eisinger

You'll Need:

  • wooden craft sticks
  • thick card stock paper
  • glue

How To:

1. Pick the card stock you want and determine the size of each fan. Then download the "Congrats!" template and the "Hurrah!" template; and print as many as you'll need. This will be side 1 of the fan.

2. Fit your ceremony program on one side of a piece of paper that can serve as side 2 of the fan. Print the same number that you did in the first step.

3. Glue sides 1 and 2 back-to-back with the craft stick between them. Use the glue sparingly and leave plenty of the stick exposed so your guests can easily wave their program.

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