DIY Pop-Up Reception Card Displays



Card Stock
Double-sided Tape
Scissors or X-Acto Knife


1. Using your card stock, cut out two identically sized rectangles (for a square card, the height should be double the width). One will be the cover and back cover of your pop-up card, and the other will be the interior. (Here's a template to help!)

2. Fold the "interior" card stock in half.

3. From the folded edge, make two cuts, each 1/4 inch long. (Use the dashed lines on the template as a guide.) This will create a small flap on the fold of your card.

4. Push the flap into the card, so that it folds on top of itself. When you're done, it should look like the outside of your card has a rectangular cut out. And when you open the card, it should now look like there's a little step on its spine.

5. Cut out the image you want to “pop up" on your card.

6. Using double-sided tape, attach the photo to the vertical edge of the step.

7. Fold the "cover" card stock in half.

8. Attach the "cover" and "interior" cards to each other with double-sided tape.

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