Wedding Accessories: Do I Have to Keep My Wedding Veil on at the Reception?


I'm wearing a fingertip-length wedding veil that does not detach from my headpiece. Should I remove the headpiece during our formal wedding reception -- or should I keep wearing it?


Whether you are having a formal wedding reception or a more casual one, removing your wedding veil depends on two things: whether you have your heart set on wearing your headpiece for the entire wedding and whether wearing your wedding veil at the reception will drive you crazy. Some brides are happy to pull off the veil once the reception starts, while others want to wear it for as long as possible. Your wedding hairstyle may also be a big factor -- will it survive the removal of your headpiece? And just because you remove your wedding veil for the reception, doesn't mean you'll be forfeiting the formality of the evening. Donning an elegant hairstyle without a veil can be just as formal. There really are no rules here -- go with whatever makes you feel most comfortable.

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