Honeymoon: Do We Have to Leave for Honeymoon Right Away?


In the movies, the bride and groom always make a mad dash from the wedding reception to the airport just as the band starts to heat up. My fiance and I want to stick around until the end of the night -- and even a few days later to hang with out-of-town wedding guests and settle some of our affairs before we head off on our honeymoon. Is this okay?


Of course! When the clock strikes midnight, the bridal police aren't going to crash your party and drag you off to your honeymoon. Many couples enjoy their receptions right up until the last dance, and some stick around extra days to spend time with guests who have flown in for the wedding. After all, how many times in your life will you have all these people together in one place? You might decide to stay overnight in the place where your reception was held, so the next day you can have brunch with family and friends -- saying good-bye over coffee and croissants is a lot more relaxed than throwing your bouquet and dashing out the door. Waiting a day or two to leave for the honeymoon has other benefits: You'll have more time to unwrap wedding gifts, deposit checks, exchange currency, or do last-minute packing. And if you have a particularly long trip ahead of you, you'll be more relaxed knowing you've left everything in order.

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