Wedding Ceremony: How Much Money Should We Donate for Use of a Wedding Ceremony Site?


In our wedding ceremony site search we came across a lovely garden that is on state property. Rather than an outright fee to use the garden, there is a "required donation" (of any amount) to the foundation which built and maintains the garden. How should we determine what amount is appropriate for us to give them?


Sounds like you've found the ideal location for your ceremony, and practically for free. Think of it this way: You are potentially saving a ton of money by not paying a site fee, so it would be appropriate to offer a generous amount, within reason. Take a look at your budget with your fiance and see how much money you have to play with. How much had you set aside initially to pay for your ceremony site? While you don't have to fork it all over, consider giving a substantial portion of that -- anywhere between $100 and $500, or more if you are willing and able. After all, it's for a good cause: To keep the garden beautiful for all future couples getting married there as well!

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