Wedding Family Matters: Don't Get Along With Sister-in-law?


I am getting married in the fall and will acquire three sisters-in-law. However, I literally can't stand one of them. How can I avoid being around her at the wedding reception -- I don't want her to ruin my wedding day!


No matter how concerned you are about having to spend time with a less-than-favorite guest at your wedding, it's guaranteed: You'll be too busy and excited to think about it! You'll be hugging your grandmother, Macarena-ing with your college pals, and smooching with your new husband. You might have time to smile at your sister-in-law, or maybe give her a peck on the cheek to be polite, but you won't have to spend an hour talking to her.

That said, you need to come to terms with the fact that this is your fiance's sister. It's unfair of you to ask him not to invite her to the reception. Whether you like her or not, she will soon be related to you, so get used to it! You might want to spend some time figuring out just what makes you dislike her -- whether it's grounded in fact and past experience or not -- and consider how you two can eventually get along.

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