Q&A: Double Weddings: Two Cakes or One?


Q: I am so upset! My sis and I are having a double wedding and we can't see eye to eye on cake fillings. She wants carrot cake (ugh), and I want chocolate ganache (yum). Neither of us is willing to compromise on the confection. What can we do? Also, if we have two cakes, who gets to cut theirs first?


A: With two cakes you can both cut the first slice at the same time! You can also pick the knife and server of your choice, and your favorite cake fillings. Of course, an extra cake means extra money. If your modus operandi is to save cash above all else, get one cake, two knife and server sets, and compromise on the filling. Each couple can pick the flavor of a layer: your sis can have carrot, you get the ganache, and for a third layer, make it something everyone loves. This way, everybody's taste buds are satisfied.

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