Meet Amber & David!

Meet The Knot Dream Wedding contestants and learn why they should win the opportunity to get married February 14 in a live-streamed wedding!
by The Knot

Amber Tinson, 26, a social worker

David Walker, 27, a school psychologist

From: Atlanta

Amber and David are very social and love hanging out with their friends together. They enjoy going to the movies and are huge sports fans. They also love working out and spending time together.

Amber and David's Love Story:

Amber and David met in July 2009 when a mutual friend had a cookout at her house in Atlanta. The pair started talking at the party and realized they had similar career paths. At the time, Amber was living in Florida attending graduate school and David was living in Atlanta, so they parted ways. Six months later, that same mutual friend had a dinner party, and this time she sat Amber and David next to each other. David's sense of humor caught Amber's attention, and that night they both realized that they could be more than just friends. After a few dates and a shared first kiss, Amber went back to school in Florida and David stayed in Georgia. From January through May, their relationship developed over the computer and phone, and even though they weren't living in the same state, they were able to build a foundation for their relationship by talking every day. They even sent handwritten letters and made the six-hour drive to see one another as much as possible.

Amber on David:

"I love that David is so genuine and funny. We laugh so hard all of the time. He doesn't have to try to be sincere, genuine or funny -- he just is. I feel safe and comfortable and myself with him."

David on Amber:

"I love Amber. She is beautiful, smart and empathetic. She just gets me and is one of the few people who get me. She takes me as I am."

The Proposal:

David proposed in November 2011. He drove to Albany, Georgia, to meet with Amber's parents and ask them for her hand in marriage. He knew that Amber was very sentimental and that she loved to scrapbook, so he took photos with Amber's parents and also met with his own mother and took photos. He then pieced the pictures together in a scrapbook. For the actual proposal, David took Amber to the Sundial Restaurant in Atlanta to enjoy the view from the 72nd floor overlooking the city. David had delivered the scrapbook to the restaurant earlier in the day, and during the meal, the waiter brought it over and the couple went through it page by page. Amber saw the photos of her parents and was shocked! The last page said, “Will You Marry Me?" and David presented her with a ring.

Why Amber and David Should be The Knot Dream Wedding Couple:

Amber and David worked really hard to plan a wedding that would show their friends and family how much they love each other. They had a long engagement period (18 months) so it would allow them enough time to save for their wedding. The couple had a date set and gave a down payment to their venue. They sent out save-the-dates with their initial wedding date of June 15, 2013. They thought they were on their way to getting married, but then their venue went out of business. They lost their deposit on the venue, their deposit on the photographer and the money they had spent on save-the-dates. Amber and David are big believers that everything happens for a reason, and losing their venue opened up the opportunity for the couple to have a dream wedding in New York. "We would be perfect for this!" the couple says.

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