Meet Amy & Sean!

Meet The Knot Dream Wedding contestants and learn why they should win the opportunity to get married February 14 in a live-streamed wedding!
by The Knot

Amy Zeng, 24, an analyst at a brokerage firm

Sean Rabe, 23, a scout platoon leader in the US Army

From: Jersey City, NJ & Fort Benning Army Base, GA

Amy and Sean's Love Story:

Amy and Sean met in their seventh-grade homeroom. Sean immediately had a crush on Amy, but Amy wasn't interested. They went to some high school dances together -- Amy even asked Sean to the high school prom by using his favorite! She spelled out “PROM?" on it with olives. But he already had a date, so Amy wound up taking his date's brother. At the prom, Amy and Sean abandoned their dates and spent most of the night together. They officially started dating the summer after they graduated from high school. Then they both went off to different colleges, and Amy missed Sean so much that she transferred to Sean's school to be closer to him. Sean currently lives on a military base in Georgia and Amy lives in Jersey City, working in finance. The couple cherish the time they have together. Amy hopes to relocate to Georgia to be with Sean -- and hopes to move there as his wife.

Amy on Sean:

"For me, a life partner is loyal and kind, and Sean is that. He's always been there for me and has held my hand through hard times. I know he will always be there for me no matter what."

Sean on Amy:

"Amy is so caring and loving. While I'm away, she sends me letters and care packages."

The Proposal:

Sean proposed in March 2012. Sean had a really busy training schedule in Georgia, but Amy was coming to visit him and he wanted to get the ring in time. FedEx kept trying to deliver the ring, but Sean was working so much that he wasn't home to sign for it. The day Amy arrived, he rushed to FedEx to pick it up before she got into town. He got stuck in traffic, so by the time Sean got to the hotel, Amy had already checked in. When she opened the door, she was still half asleep. Sean got down on one knee, and even though Amy was still groggy and didn't actually realize at first that Sean was asking her to marry him, she managed to say yes!

Why Amy and Sean Should Be The Knot Dream Wedding Couple

Amy and Sean admit that they are young to be getting married. They have student loans, so financially this dream wedding would be a huge relief. With Sean being in the military and the two of them living in different states, having America help them plan their wedding would take a lot of stress off the pair. New York City is a big part of their relationship, and they've come to love the city. "When Sean comes to visit, we spend a lot of quality time in New York. Getting married in New York City would be a dream come true," Amy says.

Click here to watch an adorable PTCH video of Amy & Sean!

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