Meet Nichole & Brian!

Meet The Knot Dream Wedding contestants and learn why they should win the opportunity to get married February 14 in a live-streamed wedding!
by The Knot

Nichole Guzzo, 24, a server and student

Brian Johnston, 23, a part-time fireman and paramedic student

From: St. Charles & Geneva, IL

Nichole and Brian are very active and outdoorsy, and love hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding and working out together. They're foodies, so they really enjoy going out to eat and trying new restaurants. They also love hanging out with their families. Nichole is very close with Brian's mom -- the two of them bake together -- and Brian loves talking about cars with Nichole's dad.

Nichole and Brian's Love Story:

Nichole and Brian met a year and a half ago. Nichole had just moved back home from Chicago to save money. She was working as a server at a restaurant where Brian and his friend were eating. She saw Brian from across the room and asked her coworker to switch tables so she could wait on him. Brian left with his friend, but then convinced the friend to go back in and ask for Nichole's phone number. The next week they had their first date at a beautiful restaurant in town. Over dinner, they realized how much they had in common and that they had several missed connections. They went to the same church and were in the same youth group when they were younger. Brian remembered seeing Nichole sing in church. He had even taken a firefighting course at her high school. So from their very first date, they were inseparable. When they met, it was a difficult time in Nichole's life: She had just moved back to her parents' house and felt like she was going backward instead of forward. Brian was Nichole's rock -- his support was unwavering. After about four months of dating, Nichole knew he was the one. They both feel so blessed to have met each other.

Nichole on Brian:

"I love how well we get along. We both have similar backgrounds. We like to do the same things. Our families get along really well, and that's very important to me. My dad loves Brian! I've never met anyone who has treated me so special. It's so refreshing that he is a true gentleman. Our lives mesh so well together. And I love that he's ridiculously handsome."

Brian on Nichole:

"There's a lot to love about her. She's a goofy girl and laughs at my jokes! We get along perfectly together. I love her smile and her laugh."

The Proposal:

Nichole had no idea the proposal was coming, because Brian had always jokingly told her he wasn't getting engaged until age 30. Brian asked Nichole's dad for permission first, and he said yes, and then Brian bought the ring and told his own parents. Everyone was very supportive. Brian then asked the fire chief if he could borrow the fire engine. He told Nichole that they were going over to meet his grandparents to ensure that she would be dressed up and not in pajamas when he showed up at her house (Nichole was in finals for school and was really preoccupied with studying). Brian pulled up in the fire engine, got down on one knee and took the ring out of his pocket, and Nichole started crying. She was completely surprised. The couple's parents had been around the corner, hiding in the car, getting ready to take photos. Nichole's dad was so choked up he barely got any video of the big moment.

Why Nichole and Brian Should Be The Knot Dream Wedding Couple:

Nichole never believed in true love until she met Brian. The proposal was so all-American and full of love that Nichole wanted to share it with the public. Nichole's mom suffers from multiple sclerosis and her dad is back in school. Nichole says her parents would love to help them pay for the wedding but they just can't afford it. "It broke my heart the day my mom offered to sell jewelry she had received as an inheritance from her parents' passing to help us pay for our wedding," Nichole says. In Brian's family, there are four people currently in school, so financially it also would be tough for them to help out, and the couple says there's no way they'd be able to afford the wedding on their own. "We want to have a wedding with our families that celebrates our love for one another. We would be honored to be The Knot Dream Wedding couple," says Nichole.

Click here to watch an adorable PTCH video of Nichole & Brian!

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