Wedding Reception Style: Dressing Up Portable Toilets?

by The Knot

For our semi-formal backyard wedding reception, we must rent port-a-johns. How can we dress up an ugly, outdoor toilet stall?


Usually portable toilet vendors offer several different models for you to choose from, from the basic four plastic walls (ideal for a construction site) to a more presentable version complete with a sink, lights, and other amenities much more suitable for your wedding reception . Another option is to talk to an outdoor tent rental company about renting a tent to cover the toilets entirely. This way there is no need to worry about what the exteriors look like, as they'll be completely hidden from your guests' view. To spruce up the interior of the stalls, consider placing a simple arrangement of fresh flowers or a basket of potpourri inside, along with a nice-looking bottle of your favorite air freshener, and maybe hang bows on the doors. Also, you may want to place an amenities basket inside each stall for your guests' convenience with mints, antibacterial hand lotion, hairspray, band-aids, bug spray, safety pins, aspirin -- you get the idea. Or set up a table with these items right outside the stalls. Keep it simple. The best thing you can do is to make sure that someone is responsible for keeping the rooms tidy throughout the night and for replenishing paper goods -- inquire with your rental company about hiring a reception attendant (if they can't help you out, they can probably give you a good referral).

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