3 Ways to Eat Right at the Bridal Shower

At this time in your life, you might not be the only one getting married. If you have friends who are also walking down the aisle, you aren’t going to be the only one having a bachelorette party, bridal shower, engagement dinner and wedding reception. While tons of showers and parties are fun, they bring with them a whole lot of high-calorie foods.
by The Knot

Bring Veggies

If you have the opportunity, bring a tray of veggies to the party. Choose a low-calorie dip. Bringing food is a polite gesture as a party guest, and if you're the host, offering a healthy option is a gracious nod to those who are dieting.

Drink Vodka

Frilly, sugary, umbrella-adorned drinks are fun, but super high in calories. Instead of the fishbowl margarita, stick with clear liquor (like vodka) combined with diet soda or tonic. And drink in moderation!

Give In Just a Little

A surefire way to set yourself up for weight-loss failure is to deny yourself all of the indulgences on display. Have a small piece of cake and smile. Giving yourself a taste of the good life will curb cravings that can wreck a diet later on.

The Bottom Line

This is a time in your life, and in your friends' lives, that you should enjoy. Part of these good times means sharing food and drinks. Make healthy choices when you can, eat lightly when you can't, and keep a clear head (and glass) when you drink.

Doug Rice

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