Election Night Party Ideas From Knotties

Today's election is projected to be bigger than ever -- the perfect reason to throw a party. Here's what Knotties are doing to celebrate the 44th presidential election.
by The Knot

"We're having

McCain Martinis (vodka martinis) and Obama Mamas (Bahama Mamas)

." --J0Rzilla

"We're having a party at our house. A friend is rocking the Palin glasses and we're going to have a red, white, and blue theme.

Drink cups will have each person's name on them, but with their first name and the last name of the candidate they're voting for!

We'll pick beer pong teams that way also. We made a customized beer pong table, and we have a dartboard with Bush on it so we can 'settle the score.'" --jilreh589

"I'm planning a Halloween/election party. We're kind of doing a risque (as in, might *potentially* offend someone) party, which includes

black and white cookies (for Obama), a Jell-O mold (for McCain), maybe a baked Alaska, mini 'moose' burgers, or 'moose' in blankets for Palin, and I'm stumped for Biden -- probably something to do with Delaware punch

. I was also thinking of doing red and blue cupcakes, or red and blue cookies." --make lemonade.

"The party

we're going to is going to feature food from the candidates' hometowns

(Chicago pizza, I think, for Obama, something Southwestern for McCain, crab cakes for Biden, and salmon for Palin)." --Ajknightfan

"Here are some ideas:

Maverick Martini

Obama Slamma

Jell-O shots in blue and red. When the state has announced its pick, take a shot. Be careful!

Freddie Macaroni and Cheese

Chicago Political Machine Dogs Right and Left Hot Wings

Red State Velvet Cupcakes

Grand Old Poultry: Roasted Chicken

American Flag Pizza (pepperonis are the stripes and olives the stars)."


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