Want to Be Featured in Emily Hackett’s “Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)” Music Video?

by Ivy Jacobson
Emily Hackett's song Take My Hand
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There's a sweet story behind pop and country music artist Emily Hackett's popular “Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)" song, featuring Will Anderson from Parachute, with an even sweeter music video plan: Why not get real couples to submit their favorite wedding moments on film to be included?

“I love hearing about people using the song [at their wedding] and always wish I could be there to see those moments, so I had this crazy idea — what if I could actually get people to share them with me?" Emily tells The Knot. “Whether they played my song at their wedding or not, it's the love on that day that I want to see. So, I'm hoping to get people's love stories to help make a music video for “Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)." The goal is to piece together some of the best wedding day moments to show that emotion in the same way the lyrics in the song say it. So, I invite everyone to participate in making something cool."

The Knot: Who were the two people you wrote the song for?

Emily Hackett: My best friend's older brother, who has known me since I was born, got married a few years ago. When he and his fiance asked me to sing in their wedding and left the song choice up to me, I really wanted to do something special. So, I wrote a song that I thought could portray that mess of emotion you feel when you know — when you realize you've found the person you can see yourself being with for the rest of your life. I'll never forget how cool it was to be singing “Take My Hand" as they were holding hands, just beaming. Katie, the bride, told me recently that every time she hears that song, she's immediately taken back to that moment and remembers every detail: her husband's face, her butterflies, the sunshine, the breeze. It was such an honor being part of that day and it's amazing knowing it still means something to them.

TK: Did you make this song intentionally to be a first dance song?

EH: There were never any intentions for this song other than for the wedding it was written for, but it's so wonderful to see what it has become for couples that have heard it. It was really emotional for me when my friend surprised me by making it their first dance, and not just because she knew me, but because it spoke to her. That's what makes it so heartwarming to hear when people I haven't met are using it in on their wedding day. We wrote about love in its purest form, so it's pretty freaking awesome to see how much of it there is out there.

TK: How was it working with Will Anderson?

EH: I met Will Anderson through a mutual friend, Michael Reaves, who also happened to produce and engineer this whole song. “Take My Hand" was always meant to have both the bride and groom's perspectives, but the groom's part is so important to me because he's the one who has to be brave and take that first step. Will has such an amazing presence as a performer that I thought he would be perfect for the male part, so I was beyond thrilled when he agreed to sing on it. He has been such a supportive friend and role model in my writing and artistry. His help on this song also allowed me to reach an audience that I might not have. I'm thankful for that on multiple levels, but mostly because it allowed this song be heard and given the chance to mean something for a whole lot of people.

TK: What do you want couples to take away from this song?

EH: I hope for couples to see themselves in this song. We wanted the words to be applicable to anyone — that unexplainable feeling of love that you can't live without.

To find out more information and upload your video through the end of October, go here.

*By submitting your videos you hereby agree to allow Emily Hackett the potential use of your personal footage in the “Take My Hand (The Wedding Song)" official music video at no compensation.

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