Europe: England - London | Palaces, Punk & a Pint of Ale

by Susan A. Segrest

Imagine this: You're on your honeymoon, walking hand in hand along the Thames. Nipping into a pub for a pint. Losing yourself in the back streets of the city -- all the while pretending you are in one of those terribly romantic English movies where everything is oh-so-intense because of the War.

Or, imagine this: You're on your honeymoon, seeing hot new plays, eating in hip restaurants, and nuzzling the night away in funky jazz clubs.

If either scenario appeals to you, then London may be your perfect honeymoon spot. Sure, most people don't think of London first when they think romance (the city doesn't exactly scream L-O-V-E, like Paris or Rome), but it is definitely a fun, relaxing place to visit. You can take the subway or train straight from the airport into the center of town, the money is easy to figure out, and absolutely everyone speaks English (sort of).


London isn't cheap, but you can get some deals. Check out the vacation packages offered by the major airlines.

Getting Around

  • Walk. London is a hoofing-it kind of place.
  • Ride the subways and buses (definitely sit on the top deck of the bus) after buying a travelcard, which you can use for both, from one of the London Underground Stations.
  • Take cabs. Unlike everywhere else in the world, the drivers of London's cabs know where they are going and very rarely rip you off.


Restaurants are dramatically better now than they were just a few years ago, and you won't find better South Asian on this side of the Atlantic. For you java junkies, Seattle-type coffee places are springing up everywhere -- you no longer need to worry about finding a nice double latte.


The British Museum -- incredible collection. Covent Garden and Soho -- great shops and restaurants. The Houses of Parliament (Big Ben) -- sheer beauty and history. If you are short of time definitely pass on the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace -- both are underwhelming.


For general information, contact Visit Britain, (800) 462-2748.

Photo: Britain on View

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