Other Wedding Stuff: Ensuring Wedding Night Privacy?


On our wedding night, my fiance and I plan to stay in the same hotel where our wedding reception is taking place. The problem is, several of our out-of-town wedding guests will be staying there as well. How do we maintain our privacy without hurting anyone's feelings?


Whether you make a beeline to your room as soon as you cut the cake or after the last of your guests has gone to bed is your prerogative. Some couples, delighted to spend time with friends and relatives they haven't seen in ages, prefer to hang out at the hotel bar with everyone else until the wee hours. But no one should expect you to entertain anyone on your wedding night -- your responsibilities end after the band has packed up and gone home. Hopefully even your rowdiest or tipsiest relations aren't the types who will have the nerve to knock on your door after you've hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign. But to be on the safe side, when you call to book your wedding-night accommodations, request a room that's far from the ones your guests will be occupying. If you can afford it, reserve the bridal or presidential suite, which is usually the most roomy and secluded. Another option is to ask the hotel to block off a section of rooms for those who will be attending your wedding (some establishments will even offer you discounted rooms if you can guarantee a minimum number of guests). If you're feeling guilty about ditching the festivities early, you can always say your formal good-byes the following morning -- especially if a friend or family member offers to host a farewell brunch.

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