5 Calorie-Burning Exercises for the Stressed Out Bride

Find some inner peace with these stress-reducing fitness outlets.
by The Knot

1. Walk It Off

Strangling your maid of honor creates more problems than it solves (and barely burns any calories). Instead, take a solo stroll through the woods, in the park or through the mall. Fresh air clears your head, and the low-impact cardio burns fat.

Average burn for a 30-minute walk: 100 calories

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2. Box It Up

Want to punch something? How about a punching bag? Boxing -- in a class, with a trainer or in your garage -- is an intense, cathartic cardiovascular workout.

Average burn for an hour of boxing: 600 calories

3. Climb a Wall

Use your upper body for rock climbing instead. You'll get a refreshing sense of accomplishment and an awesome workout for your Bridal Trifecta.

Average burn for an hour of rock climbing: 800 calories

4. Give It Back

Balance out your bad karma with active volunteer work. Find your local Habitat for Humanity chapter and swing a hammer.

Average burn for an hour of carpentry: 400 calories

5. Namaste Away

Take a step back. Perhaps you need to hit the reset button on your attitude. Yoga helps you find your mental center while toning muscles head to toe.

Average burn for an hour of intense yoga: 300 calories

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