Wedding Family Matters: Feeling Guilty About Leaving Parents and Moving in With Fiance?


I'm recently engaged, 26 years old, with a masters degree and a great job. I still live with my parents and am having trouble "cutting the cord." I feel terrible guilt about moving in with my fiance and leaving my parents. Please help me rationalize these emotions!


The first emotion both of your parents will feel is happiness! They must be really proud and thrilled for you, and don't forget, they can relate -- they also got married and left their parents. That doesn't mean they won't miss you, and they might feel a little lonely right after you leave, but unless you're moving to Timbuktu, you will still see them, talk to them, and stay good, close friends. Plan some special outings with your mom before you leave, so she'll definitely know how much you care about her (it might also help you feel less guilty). Get manicures and facials together, take her out for a special dinner, and tell her how much you appreciate all that she's done for you. Have a good cry. Then enjoy your life with your hubby!

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