Other Wedding Stuff: Feeling Pressured About Wedding Night Sex?


Everyone talks about stellar wedding-night sex. However, my fiance and I are worried that we'll be too tired, between entertaining out-of-town wedding guests all weekend and sticking around until the last wedding dance, for post-matrimonial acrobatics. Are we putting too much pressure on ourselves?


You bet. Traditionally, the bride and groom waited until after they exchanged vows to consummate their love -- resulting in a wedding night fraught with great expectations. Today most couples are thoroughly acquainted with each other by the time their weddings roll around, which means they no longer have to hold their breaths through the ceremonies and receptions. But whether you and your groom are first-timers or have been living together for six years shouldn't make a difference. You might end up having wedding-night sex that tops the Richter scale, or you may be too tired to have any at all. Either way, one night does not foreshadow your sex life as a married couple. Think about it: Your wedding day will be one of the longest, most overwhelming days of your life, and by the end of it you'll both be wiped out. Your minds will be reeling with the day's events, and you may have a greater desire to unwrap your wedding presents than tear off each other's clothes. That's perfectly normal, so ease up. If you end up having off-the-charts sex, lucky you. Otherwise, remember you'll have plenty of languorous hours between the sheets -- or on the beach, or in the Jacuzzi -- during your honeymoon.

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