Finding a Foundation

The right foundation is an essential well, foundation for the rest of your wedding day look. Here's how to make sure you've got the right one.
by Hollee Actman Becker

Wearing foundation is the surest way to achieve flawless-looking skin -- whether or not you were born with it. Here are some great tips to finding a perfect match:

Don't Scrimp

Even if you make all your other makeup purchases at the drugstore, try to purchase your foundation at a department store cosmetics counter, where you can get professional guidance in choosing the right shade, and you can test a color before buying it.

What to Look For

The right foundation should not be too heavy or artificial looking. It should be so perfectly matched to your skin tone that it disappears -- you don't see makeup, just a smooth, flawless face.

Know What's Out There

There are four common types of foundation: Liquid, which is the most popular and user-friendly; Cream, a thicker, more opaque foundation; Tinted Moisturizer, moisture and color in one -- the sheerest of all options; and Wet/Dry Foundation (also called "dual-finish"), a combination of foundation and powder that can be applied dry or with a damp sponge, which is good for oily skin types.

Do a Cheek Test

Swipe some on your cheek. Then grab a mirrored compact and step outside into natural light. It's the only way to see how the shade really works on you. Look to see if the foundation is visible. If it's very hard to see on your face, you've found the right one. If the swipe is obvious, move on to the next shade.

Color It Right

If you find that your skin falls between two shades, go with the warmer, or slightly darker shade. A lighter tone can make the skin appear chalky. Also, if your face and neck are different skin tones, compensate with a slightly warmer foundation on your face. When in doubt, choose a foundation with a yellow tone; they're usually the most flattering.

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