Wedding Gown: Flattering Wedding Dress for a Full Chest?


I am a size 4 and large-chested. I dislike full skirts. Can you recommend a wedding dress style to conceal my large chest?


Your problem is more common than you may think. The most important thing overall is that you have proper support and feel comfortable. Be sure to find an uplifting foundation garment for your wedding dress, or curtail your curves with a one-piece minimizer worn under a wedding gown with a fitted bodice to emphasize your waist. A full skirt would also balance things out -- try it, you may like it after all! If not, look for an A-line, which is a good shape for just about everybody. Also look for a neckline in a V shape to help de-emphasize the obvious, or a sweetheart shape to compliment your figure. Believe it or not, an off-the-shoulder bodice can be very flattering. If you're really self-conscious, you may wish to find a wedding gown with a matching bridal jacket; that way, even if the wedding gown displays a bit of cleavage, you'll still feel covered. Whatever you do, avoid jewel necklines and empire waists, which will make you appear even more busty.

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