Flower Crown Wedding Hairstyles for Brides and Flower Girls

See the prettiest flower crowns and wedding hairstyle ideas for brides and flower girls.
Best flower crown ideas
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Dating all the way back to ancient Greece, flower crowns are known for adding interest and personality to any wedding day hairstyle. In its many forms, flower crowns have come to symbolize everything from love and fertility to simple celebration. Today, incorporating a flower crown to an updo or loose locks is an easy way for brides to add subtle color, texture and natural beauty to a wedding day look. Not to mention flower crowns are a great accessory for young flower girls who may not be able to sit still through a long hairstyling. Pinning in a halo of flowers takes just a couple minutes, making for an easy alternative to formal hairstyles.

From the simple and understated to the oversize and hard-to-miss flower crown styles, simply choose a color scheme and start exploring the possibilities. Find all the inspiration you need right here to wear this beautiful wedding day accessory.

White Flower Crowns

Pink Flower Crowns

Green Flower Crowns

Blue and Purple Flower Crowns

Red Flower Crowns

Yellow Flower Crowns

Colorful Flower Crowns

Cutest Flower Girl Crowns

White Flower Crowns

1. White Tuberose Flower Crown

White tuberose flower crown

For an angelic, bohemian look, a crown made of white tuberose is an excellent choice. With a small bud and starlike bloom, tuberose flowers are delicate yet full, and pair well with a bride's loose waves.

2. White Wildflower Crown

White wildflower crown

A simple DIY flower crown made of wild blooms is an easy way to incorporate your surroundings into your look. This crown of wildflowers looks natural when paired with a simple hairstyle of soft curls. White wildflowers differ depending on the region and season, making this delicate, cost-effective crown choice as distinctive as the wedding itself.

3. White Rose, Wax Flower and Gardenia Flower Crown

White rose, baby's breath and gardenia flower crown

Using a variety of white blossoms to form an extraordinary and personalized flower crown takes this accessory to new heights. The varying flower sizes add texture to the crown and stand out against the greenery of the other blossoms, making the flowers themselves easy to see and enjoy.

4. Oversize White Rose Flower Crown

Oversizes white rose flower crown

Make your flower crown the center of attention by choosing large blooms, such as these white garden roses. Paired with a simple style, this larger-than-life flower crown stands out in photos and is easy to remove without affecting the bride's low bun hairstyle.

5. Baby's Breath White Flower Crown

Flower crown made from baby's breath flowers

Just because it's often paired with other flowers doesn't mean baby's breath can't stand out beautifully on its own. This crown uses the delicate small flowers to create an almost ethereal look, especially when paired with the bride's loose updo.

6. Natural White Flower Crown

White flower crown

This natural white flower crown was designed by A Garden Party in Elmer, New Jersey. Using simple white blossoms with thick green connections, this crown provides a beautiful natural element. Integrated with a loose-curled hairstyle, this crown sits naturally on a bride's head.

7. White Daisy Flower Crown

White flower crown

After selecting a beach wedding location, this bride chose a simple updo with sideswept bangs. By pairing this look with a fun and bright white daisy flower crown, she added a boho element to her outfit that was equal parts pretty and classic.

Pink Flower Crowns

1. Pink and White Rose Flower Crown With Baby's Breath

Rose flower crown

The combination of pink and white roses in this simple yet elegant crown creates a lovely contrast to help make the flowers stand out. Wispy baby's breath provides texture while adding greenery for additional contrast. Long ribbons down the back pair well with a simple updo or loose braid that contains the hair and allows the ribbons to flow behind the bride, like a veil.

2. Pink Habutai Silk Rose Crown

Silk rose flower crown

Unlike fresh flowers, the use of high-quality silk flowers in a flower crown offers brides a lasting souvenir of their wedding day. This handmade habotai silk rose crown, courtesy of Erica Elizabeth Designs out of Los Angeles, was used for a wedding in Minnesota. Paired with a low bun, the crown includes long silk ribbons for an elegant look between the wedding dress and crown.

3. Bright Pink Rose Flower Crown

Bright pink rose flower crown

Though used here as an aisle decoration, this bright pink flower crown by Gotham Florist in New York City could just as easily adorn the bride's head. The bold color of the fresh roses are eye-catching and go well with the wide pink ribbons designed to cascade down a bride's back. This type of bold crown pairs well with a simple updo, which allows the headpiece to really shine.

4. Blush Ranunculus Flower Crown

Blush flower crown

The combination of ranunculus and astilbe blooms in this romantic crown is truly one of a kind. It's held together with eucalyptus leaves, which help to accent the wide pleats of the bride's braided updo. The off-center placement of the flowers in this crown is a personal touch that allows the blooms to really stand out in the bride's hair.

5. Pink Wildflower Crown

Rose flower crown

The lush pink wildflower crown and matching bouquet, paired with loose locks pull together this bohemian look. Pink buds stand out among the white and green, adding just the right amount of color to a flower-centric crown. The floral focus was perfect for this bride's garden wedding.

6. Bright Woven Pink Flower Crown

Braided flower crown and bridal updo

Using her braided updo as a canvas, this bride chose to have her flower crown woven into her hair to create a cohesive piece that pairs well with her veil. Using well-placed pink roses and small white flowers, this understated crown is classic and elegant.

7. Pink Rose and Lily of the Valley Flower Crown

Rose flower crown

Offering a soft pink accent against the green leaves and white-blond hair, this flower crown features pink rose blooms and delicate, white lily of the valley branches. It's pinned in place atop loose hair, creating an ethereal look that couldn't be prettier.

Green Flower Crowns

1. Green Fern Flower Crown With Baby's Breath

Fern flower crown

This green fern flower crown has just enough interest with its sprigs of white baby's breath. Paired with a full updo and strategically placed loose tendrils, it creates a beautiful, natural look perfect for any wedding.

2. DIY Green Pine and Wheat Crown

Green flower crown

Using the lush surroundings of the woodlands of Big Bear, California, this bride made her own flower crown of green pine needles and stalks of wheat, woven around a flexible pine branch. She pairs this woodsy crown with a hairstyle of loose curls to match the natural environment of her wedding day.

3. Fresh Greenery Flower Crown

Green flower crown

This lush flower crown full of fresh greenery is a beautiful and natural accent to any bride's wedding outfit. The miniature white wax flowers accenting this crown add a simple, yet elegant element that pairs well with an off-white dress and a loose, curled hairstyle.

4. Winter Greenery Crown

Winter flower crown of greenery

Adding light to a winter wedding, this bride chose to accent her crown of winter greenery with gold flowers to go with a cream, peach, gray and gold palette. Made by Vintage Magnolia florists out of Vail, Colorado, this flower crown pairs well with the bride's low-curled updo and blond hair, a design that matches with the curly ribbons securing the crown.

5. Boho Green Flower Crown

Green flower crown ideas

For her backyard wedding in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, this bride took advantage of nature's elements and donned this simple green flower crown fit atop a loose curled hairstyle. Paired with a feather-accented dress and brown braided belt, this single-hued green crown offers the right amount of understated bohemian elegance.

6. Laurel Green Flower Crown

Natural-looking flower crown

Channeling ancient Greece, this bride's green laurel flower crown is both classic and bohemian. It looks perfectly placed on top of loose curls, and the small section of white flowers add just the right amount of contrast to make this crown stand out.

7. Leafy Green Flower Crown

Leafy flower crown

A romantic look that also offers a slight boho charm, this bride opted for a green leafy flower crown to match her bridesmaids. She pairs this with a simple side twist accented by romantic waves and cascading loose pieces.

Blue and Purple Flower Crowns

1. DIY Blue Fabric Flower Crown

Blue fabric flower crown

Everything blue is the theme of this wedding, where the bride accented her own hair with blue flowers and each bridesmaid wore a blue fabric flower crown. The blue dye in the fabric flowers is bright and bold, really standing in as a "hairstyle" all their own.

2. Southern Arrowwood Flower Crown

Berry flower crown

The deep blue of the southern arrowwood berry (aka viburnum) makes this flower crown a unique addition to the bride's style. With a hearty look that complements any winter wedding, the bride paired an earthy crown with a long fishtail braid swept over her shoulder for a style that's all her own.

3. Rose, Orchid and Delphinium Purple Flower Crown

Bright purple flower crown

Adding a rich palette of colors to her off-white dress, this bride paired light lilac roses with purple delphinium and fuchsia orchids in this unique flower crown by Tiger Lily Flowers in Sarasota, Florida. Because of the high humidity, she choose a loose curled hairstyle that allowed the flowers to take center stage.

4. Natural Green and Purple Flower Crown

Green and purple flower crown

Adding a rustic look to this outdoor Michigan wedding, Passionflower Florist in Ann Arbor designed this purple wildflower crown in lieu of a traditional veil. The bride wore it with a loosely curled casual hairstyle in order to highlight the bohemian vibe of her day.

Red Flower Crowns

1. DIY Purple Wildflower and Red Ranunculus Flower Crown

Flower crown ideas

Mixing in small purple limonium with red ranunculus buds and a few blooms makes a bold statement with this bride's half-up, half-down curled hairstyle. The romantic look perfectly matches the free-spirited vibe of the couple's wooded outdoor wedding.

2. Patriotic Red Flower Crown

Red bridal flower crown

For her Fourth of July wedding, this bride took on the American colors of red, white and blue for her palette. Her bright crown, made by Branch Design Studio in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, features bold red ranunculus flowers as its centerpiece, offset by blue, white and green accents. She pairs the crown with a curled bridal updo and a low bun to allow the flowers to be the center of attention.

3. Romantic Red Rose Flower Crown

Red rose bridal flower crown

The bold red roses of this flower crown are the perfect romantic element that match this bride's vintage, detailed dress and sideswept, half-up hairstyle. The accents of white and green only serve to make the red roses stand out more, as does the contrast of the bride's dark hair and matching red lips.

Yellow Flower Crowns

1. White and Yellow Daisy Flower Crown

Yellow daisy flower crowns

Used as accents among the simple white daisies, the yellow in this flower crown stands out from the rest of the bride's look. With short cropped hair, minimal styling was needed. The bride's polished but natural look and simple white ribbon are perfect against her dark hair.

2. Yellow Rose and Ranunculus Flower Crown

Flower crown ideas

Using different shades of yellow throughout the crown, this yellow rose and ranunculus headpiece is a true homage to a happy and bright palette. Mixing in some cream blooms, this bride paired her flower crown with a loose pinned hairstyle for a truly romantic look.

3. Half-Moon Yellow Flower Crown

Half-styled flower crown hairstyle

This elegant half-moon flower crown features small ranunculus blooms and miniature daisies. Paired with a loose chignon style, the smaller profile of the half-moon crown adds a natural element to the bride's look without taking away from the details of her dress.

Colorful Flower Crowns

1. Peach Rose and Eucalyptus Flower Crown

Colorful flower crown ideas

The subtle and elegant contrast of green eucalyptus leaves with peach roses makes this bride's relatively simple multicolored flower crown stand out. Handmade by the bride and her attendants, the bohemian feel of this wedding pairs perfectly with the bride's free-flowing waves.

2. Colorful Tropical Flower Crown

Tropical flower crown

Emphasizing the tropical locale of her Hawaiian wedding, this bride chose a flower crown of roses, orchids and various tropical flowers native to the islands. She paired it with a loose, low chignon style that adds depth to the crown and follows its off-center placement.

3. Colorful Bohemian Flower Crown

Colorful boho flower crown

This bride pairs a chic chignon updo with a variety of colors and flowers in her crown. Blooms include eucalyptus, orange ranunculus, pink hypericum berries and a variety of wildflowers. This bold flower crown adds a pop of color to her beachy boho dress and bridal look.

4. Bright Bohemian Flower Crown

Colorful flower crown ideas

A mix of classic with eclectic, this bride chose both pale and bright colors for her flower crown, which includes peach, yellow, red and green. It sits atop romantic waves, creating a whimsical cascade that transitions to a more traditional lace bodice on her dress.

5. Bold Yellow and Purple Flower Crown

Bright boho flower crown

In order to match with the palette of her wedding, this bride chose a bold mix of colors for her flower crown. Bright yellow and purple flowers stand out and really accent her loose, dark hair and bright white strapless dress.

6. DIY Pink Rose and Greenery Flower Crown

Pink rose flower crown

In an attempt to add rustic and bohemian elements to her wedding day look, the bride designed this flower crown out of blooms used in her wedding displays, including pink roses, lavender and lots of greenery. She paired it with free-flowing curls for a natural, earthy look.

7. Bohemian Peach and Green Flower Crown

Whimsical flower crown

As part of her DIY wedding, this bride created a simple peach and green flower crown to wear in place of a veil. To emphasize a more relaxed vibe, she placed the crown atop a hairstyle of casual loose curls that pairs well with an outdoor woodland wedding ceremony and reception.

Cutest Flower Girl Crowns

From simple designs meant to match or complement the bride's flower crown to more complex crowns that tie in with color palettes or themes, there are just as many possibilities for flower girl crowns as there are bridal crowns. Here are a few of our favorite flower girl styles to inspire their look.

1. Baby's Breath Flower Crown

Baby's breath flower girl flower crown

This simple baby's breath flower crown is the perfect complement to any little one's hair. The style is simple, elegant and easy to pair with other floral bouquets or accents.

2. Baby's Breath Flower Crown With Ribbon

Flower girl crown of baby's breath and ribbon

For an older flower girl, this baby's breath crown is less bulky and secured with ribbon atop her natural curls. The ribbon in back not only keeps the crown secure, but works well the lacy design of the flower girl's dress.

3. Purple Limonium Flower Crown

Flower crown ideas for flower girls

Another simple style, this flower crown uses only sprigs of fresh lavender and was made as a complement to the bride's crown. The natural wildness of the lavender sprigs adds an angelic look to any flower girl and a calming fragrance as she walks down the aisle.

4. Thistle Flower Girl Crown

Thistle flower girl crown

Offering a green take on a natural flower girl flower crown look, this thistle crown gives a rustic element to an otherwise traditional flower girl dress. Its looks lovely on this flower girl's loose hair.

5. Large White Wax Flower Girl Crown

Flower crown made of big wax flowers

This whimsical flower girl crown stands out thanks to the wide white wax blossoms and deep green leaves. A crown like this can even be paired with a pulled-back hairstyle, which allows the crown to be the center of attention.

6. White Carnation and Viburnum Berry Flower Crown

Berry and white carnation flower crown

Designed to match the wedding's nautical theme, this flower girl crown uses white carnations along with viburnum berry accents, small yellow flowers and eucalyptus leaves. Combined with a braided updo, this sophisticated look still offers an innocent tone thanks to the "halo" effect of the flower crown.

7. Pink and Ivory Flower Crown

Flower girl hairstyle ideas

The delicate colors of this flower crown match the details of the flower girl's dress and the blush pink petals she tossed down the aisle. The pink and ivory tones are perfectly pretty against her soft brown hair.

8. Fern and Baby's Breath Matching Flower Girl Crown

Matching bridal and flower girl flower crowns

This flower girl's entire ensemble was made to mirror the bride's wedding day look. Her crown features baby's breath and green ferns, adding a natural and rustic look to her pink dress that's complemented by her soft curls.

9. Yellow Rose and Leaf Flower Crown

Flower girl with yellow flower crown

The organic feel of this yellow rose, green leaf and scabiosa pod flower crown contrasts well with the flower girl's pretty white eyelet dress with a gray silk sash. Her dark curls complete this natural look.

10. Peach Rose and Eucalyptus Flower Crown

Delicate flower gift outfit and hairstyle

The bold pops of color offered by the peach roses in this classic-yet-country-style flower crown complement the flower girl's champagne dress. Paired with eucalyptus leaves for added contrast, this crown sits atop an elegant twisted updo that is oh-so pretty on a little girl.

11. Organic Coral Rose Flower Crown

Bright flower crown style

Flower girls of any age look fantastic in flower crowns. This flower girl's organic crown features bright coral roses along with yellow, white and purple accent flowers, which beautifully contrast with her bright blue lace dress.

12. Boho Pink and White Flower Crown

Flower girl style

This flower girl shows how much fun a crown is with bright pink and white roses that complement her dress and the basket of blooms. Her dark, straight hair makes the pretty pink blooms stand out.

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