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Wedding Reception Etiquette: Where to Seat Flower Girl and Ring Bearer at Wedding Reception?

Where do the children who are in the wedding party sit at the wedding reception? Should it be with the bridal party, or with their parents? What if one of their parents is in the wedding party?

Wedding Child Attendants: A Flower Girl Without Flowers?

I had planned to have my adorable niece be the flower girl in my wedding, but I just encountered a serious snafu with my wedding ceremony site: They won't allow her to throw rose petals in the sanctuary! Can I still include her in the wedding ceremony without them, or will her presence seem strange without the flowers?

Wedding Child Attendants: Can I Have an Adult Flower Girl at My Wedding?

My fiance and I were planning on having a family only wedding party (my sisters would be my bridesmaids, his brother and a cousin would be his groomsmen). I was worried, however, that my best friend would be upset at not being a bridesmaid. It turned out that she wasn't unhappy at all -- she said she'd rather be a flower girl. Can I have a flower girl who's my own age?

Wedding Child Attendants: Do Children Attend the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

I have two flower girls, both age four. One of their fathers (my uncle) is also our wedding officiant. My fiance's mother does not want to invite them to the wedding rehearsal dinner because they are so young and alcohol will be served. My parents think they should be invited because they are part of the wedding party. I can understand both points of view, but they are my cousins, and I don't know what we would do with them after the wedding rehearsal, especially if their parents wanted to stay for the dinner. Does my fiance's mother get to decide because she's paying for the rehearsal dinner, or is it proper to invite the little girls because they are part of the wedding party?

Wedding Child Attendants: Have a Flower Girl but No Ring Bearer?

I'd like to have my sister as my maid of honor and my daughter as my flower girl. My fiance, however, doesn't want a ring bearer. Would it be all right to have a flower girl without a ring bearer, or does she have to have a partner?

Wedding Child Attendants: How Old is Too Old for a Flower Girl?

At what age are girls too old to be flower girls?

Wedding Child Attendants: How Young Is Too Young for a Flower Girl?

Is a 2-1/2-year-old too young to be a flower girl? Both her parents are in the wedding party, which I believe would make it easier on her.

Wedding Child Attendants: How Many Flower Girls Can I Have?

Help! I've been getting strange looks from my friends after telling them I want to have six flower girls in our wedding. Instead of having my four sisters as bridesmaids, I thought I'd honor them by having their children in the wedding ceremony. Is that terrible? I haven't asked them yet for fear of being shot down. What do I do?