Wedding Child Attendants: A Flower Girl Without Flowers?


I had planned to have my adorable niece be the flower girl in my wedding, but I just encountered a serious snafu with my wedding ceremony site: They won't allow her to throw rose petals in the sanctuary! Can I still include her in the wedding ceremony without them, or will her presence seem strange without the flowers?


Cute kids are a ceremony necessity for most brides! Even though she won't be able to fill your path with petals, there's no reason your niece can't still be part of your processional. Rather than having her toss flowers, simply give her another task. She could carry your unity candle, a basket holding the glass (if you're having a Jewish ceremony), or a pretty pomander. And hey, if you weren't going to have a ring bearer, now you've got one -- there's no reason a girl can't walk your wedding bands down the aisle.

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