Football Inspired Grooms Cakes!

by Simone Hill

Happy Superbowl Sunday Knotties! If your groom (or you!) is obsessed with football then you'll love these football inspired cakes that are definitely designed for the most hardcore fan. Get inspired by one of these creative cakes and consider it to add a fun touch that everyone can enjoy, football fanatic or not!

49ers Cake

49ers Football Cake
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Grass made of icing, check.

Baltimore Ravens and Orioles Cake Topper

Ravens Orioles Cake Toppers
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If you're not exactly thrilled with the idea of incorporating a football motif into your wedding day consider a subtle nod to you and your hubbies fandom with custom cake toppers. This set of Baltimore Ravens and Orioles are too cute!

Armadillo Football Field

Armadillo Football Field
photo by Photo: Lisa Pittman Photography

Photo: Lisa Pittman Photography

An armadillo on a football, sure, I guess that's a thing?

Stadium Cake

Alabama Stadium Cake
photo by Photo: Marianne Todd Photography

Photo: Marianne Todd Photography

I'm less concerned about the intensity of the grooms cake than I am about this groom using a SWORD to cut it.

Football Cake Pops

Football Cake Pops
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Everything's cuter when it comes on a stick!

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