15 Gen Z-Approved Wedding Trends We're Obsessed With

This is your sign to have a Guy Fieri night on your bach party.
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Updated Jan 09, 2023

There are wedding trends, and then there are Gen Z wedding trends. We know that young couples are all about modernizing traditions, and they're rewriting the rules for dating, proposing and getting married. That, of course, means Gen Z has ushered in a new era of wedding trends—and what better way to find them than on TikTok?

Gen Z's favorite app has become a favored destination for fresh wedding inspiration and planning hacks. Not only can you find speech ideas and fail-proof makeup products, you can also get a first-hand look at what other couples like you are doing. (Read: This is us telling you to count hours scrolling your FYP as "wedding planning work.") To help you get started, we've rounded up 15 of our favorite 2023 Gen Z wedding trends. Check them out below, then follow us (@TheKnot!) to stay one step ahead of the latest ideas.

Documentary-Style Wedding Photos

2022 welcomed the rise of direct flash and film wedding photography. Now, 2023 is all about documentary-style wedding photos. Each of these aesthetics has special nuances, which is partially why they've become major Gen Z wedding trends. Film photography, for example, feels nostalgic and homey, while direct flash gives off a cool and candid paparazzi vibe. As for one of the newest wedding photography trends taking over TikTok, artistic documentary-style wedding photos are editorial and chic—in other words, they look like something you'd find within the pages of a glossy magazine (ahem, like The Knot). Take a look at this pro's portfolio for proof.

Wedding Day Transformations

Regardless of how deep you are on #WeddingTok, there's a chance you've seen the "wedding day transformation" phenomenon. Within the last few years, people have started undergoing physical transformations during their wedding festivities, like getting a haircut, hiring a tattoo artist to receive matching ink, or even cutting their attire. While this Gen Z-approved wedding trend certainly isn't for the faint of heart, it's a meaningful way to signify the start of a new chapter.

Embroidered Veils

Gen Z weddings in 2023 are all about color—so why not wear a headpiece accented with your favorite hue? We've already predicted that luxe veils and capes will be one of the biggest bridal accessory trends this year, and this TikTok wedding trend takes that concept one step further. Pastel flowers, vibrant botanicals, and black glitter adorn the viral veils above, solidifying this as one of our favorite Gen Z wedding trends of the moment.

Cinematic Ceremony Entrances

@naluthepianoman I Wiill 🤍 #piano #pianotok #pianocover #pianomusic #wedding #weddings #weddingtiktok #weddingtok #weddingday #weddingvibes #weddingplanning #weddingideas #weddinginspo #weddingsong #weddingentrance #brideentry #groomentry #weddingmusic #weddingpiano #weddingpianist #wii #wiisports #mii ♬ original sound - That Piano Guy

When you think of a wedding entrance, what song comes to mind? Perhaps a tune like "Wedding March" or "Bridal Chorus?" There's nothing wrong with using the classics when it comes to your wedding processional music. After all, these songs have been around for literal centuries. But now, anything goes—and if you aren't into this genre, it's normal (and, in fact, encouraged) to use something you absolutely love for your walk down the aisle. Today, young couples are using all styles of music for their big moment, like throwback One Direction songs, Bridgerton covers and even the Wii Sports theme. (Yes, really!) Plenty of musicians on TikTok show just how much freedom you can have by creating a cinematic ceremony entrance your guests will never forget.

Disposable Wedding Cameras

@vanessa.annaa A good time 📸✨ #filmcamera #disposablecamera #filmphotodump #weddingreceptionparty ♬ Day n Nite Crookers Remix - 777

We already know that professional film wedding photography is having a moment, but so is amateur film photography. This year, there's been an influx of couples sharing this creative wedding hack on TikTok, and we can't get enough. Stock up on disposable wedding cameras before your big day, and place them on reception tables so that your guests can snap pictures all night long. Once the photos are developed, you'll be able to relive your big day through their eyes—and to us, that's a priceless wedding gift.

Wedding "Vibes"

@morgangcasper I have more themes so like for P2! #weddingtiktok #weddingthemes #coastalgrandmother #colorfulwedding #bridetobe #weddinglook #weddingplanning #greenscreen ♬ love - 🎥

It's common to select a wedding theme in the early stages of your planning process, as this helps narrow down your wedding mission and make stylistic decisions. (The decor you get for a rustic wedding, for example, will be far different from what you'd use for a romantic or glam wedding.) Now, though, the concept of wedding themes is evolving to something much more modern: wedding vibes. Instead of abiding by rigid aesthetics, young couples are thinking about their weddings more holistically—and they want the entire experience to feel cohesive. As such, there's more attention dedicated to the overall vibe of the big day. The best part, perhaps, is that your wedding vibe can be literally anything you want. From coastal grandmother to minimalist color to nighttime luxe, your wedding vibe is the blueprint for the appearance, the feeling, and the emotions your wedding exudes.

A Curated Wedding Wardrobe

@kristenledwards Next up - welcome party and rehearsal dinner 👰🏼‍♀️🤵🏼‍♂️ #bridetobe #2022bride #bridalshower #weddingwardrobe #engagementphotoshoot #bridalstyle ♬ original sound - jasminedowling

Today, wedding fashion is so much more than the dress or the tux. As couples add more parties to their roster of prewedding events, we've noted a rising trend of wedding wardrobes. This modern version of a traditional wedding trousseau allows people to express their personal style and wear all the trends they love. (Read: Obsessed feathers but don't want them on your wedding dress? Add a feathered mini skirt to your wedding wardrobe to sport at another event, like your bach party or rehearsal dinner.) Not only is curating a wedding wardrobe a fun way to get creative with your attire, it allows you to wear outfits that make you feel your absolute best during the most exciting season of your life.

Getting Ready Together


Sweetest moments from their elopement in Mexico 🤍

♬ Simply The Best by Billianne - Billianne

If there's one thing we know for certain about Gen Z, it's that they're willing to change wedding traditions no matter how enduring they are. One of the most common marital legends states that it's bad luck to see your spouse before your ceremony, thus inspiring many couples to spend their mornings apart. But let's be honest: Your wedding day is about you and your partner, so why would you want to spend half the day avoiding them? We've seen plenty of couples opt to spend their pre-ceremony time together, and we're all about it. Not only is getting ready together a great way to settle your nerves, it allows you to set intentions for the day and enjoy the calm before the storm as a team. What could be better than that?

'Gram-Worthy Installations

@helenowen Co-ed bachelor(ette)s are more fun 🦩🍾 (everyone was vaxxed or tested neg) #bachelorette #palmsprings #palmspringsbachelorette #mashup ♬ original sound - kooze

The "do it for the 'gram" mentality isn't going away any time soon. While decor is an investment, both for prewedding events and the big day itself, we've learned that many couples are willing to splurge on wow-worthy installations and accent pieces to truly wow their guests (and serve as a perfect IG backdrop). Balloon arches, greenery walls, neon signs, marquee letters and floral arbors all fit the bill for this Gen-Z wedding trend.

Wild Bach Party Themes

@babyyodafanaccount69 @flavortown #Nashville #guyfieri @Barstool Sports @Kel @kaitdizz ♬ original sound - ChrisIsSecc

Half the fun of attending a bach party is selecting a theme. Disco cowgirl, Mamma Mia, Bridgerton, Real Housewives, and Taylor Swift eras are all common ideas groups use today—but have you ever considered themes that are a little more…out there? This prewedding celebration is all about having fun with your besties, and there's no better way to do so than with a downright *wild* party theme. We've seen TikToks of Joe parties, where attendees dress up as a famous "Joe;" wig parties, where everyone wears a bright wig and monochrome outfit; and our personal favorite: Guy Fieri parties, where everyone wears a flame-printed shirt with a spiky blonde wig for an evening in Flavortown. When it comes to this Gen-Z wedding trend, the crazier the theme, the better the memories.

Interactive Surprises for Guests

@kpcodesignstudio Another beautiful wedding! We LOVE painting your guests LIVE!!! 😍 #livewatercolor #liveguestportraits #fashionsketch #livefashionsketches #watercolorportraits #weddingguestfavor #uniqueweddingfavor #weddingtiktok #fyp #foryou ♬ Paradise - Ikson

Thoughtful surprise-and-delight moments are what will keep guests talking about your nuptials for years to come. To leave a lasting impression, couples are prioritizing interactive experiences to entertain their loved ones—and this is one rising Gen Z wedding trend that won't go away any time soon. There are so many ways you can treat your loved ones to a special moment during your wedding, from reception performers to interactive food stations. We particularly love the idea showcased above: live painters who create custom sketches of your guests during cocktail hour. It's a fun way to pass the time, and it'll give your friends and fam a special keepsake and a memory they'll never forget.

Bach Party Venmos

@fabuuulyss Reply to @thatmamadawn announcing our total venmo balance bc you all asked for it. 💵😭 we're so thankful! #BacheloretteParty #VenmoBach ♬ Best Friend (feat. Doja Cat) - Saweetie

You use Venmo for just about everything, from splitting Wi-Fi payments with your roommates to divvying up the bill from Thursday night happy hour—so why not use it for your wedding events too? The costs of planning and attending nuptials have skyrocketed, thanks to the wedding boom and inflation across the board. So, as a creative workaround to offset the costs of paying for drinks on a night out, people have started making Venmo accounts for bach parties. Create a new account specifically for your event, and link it to an attendee's bank account. Then, share the handle on your social media, write it on your car, or even post it on TikTok to encourage others to buy the bride or groom a celebratory beverage. Need proof that this Gen-Z wedding trend is worth it? The bach party above made nearly $3,300 from this hack.

Trendy Wedding Merch

@danielletullo We couldn't find any cute custom merch options for my bachelorette, so we launched a business inspired by our matching sweatsuits 😏 @letspartier @alyssafiorentino #bachelorette #wedding #smallbusiness #merch #bacheloretteparty ♬ original sound - Valeria Torres

If you aren't the type of person to splurge on matching shirts that say "Last Fling Before the Ring" or "Bach That A** Up," you aren't alone. One of the biggest Gen-Z wedding trends to note is the rise of cool wedding merch. Unlike the bachelorette party tees or sweatshirts you're used to seeing, couples are now opting for subtle wedding accessories that can actually be reworn after the big day (think: a sweatshirt that says "Hamptons Social Club" for your Montauk bach party, or a t-shirt that lists your wedding details in the style of a concert shirt). We guarantee everyone will want to know where you shop.

Cricut Wedding Hacks

Calling all Cricut owners: your favorite DIY tool can certainly come in handy for your big day. TikTok is full of genius Cricut wedding ideas, but we're particularly obsessed with the boho wedding menus this user conjured up. From ceremony signs to seating cards to menus and even signature drink recipes, a quick "Cricut wedding" search on TikTok will deliver thousands (yes, thousands!) of budget-friendly hacks to try at home.

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