12 Gorgeous Gold Wedding Rings

If you thought your studies were complete after learning the 4C's, think again. Before you settle on a wedding ring metal, you'll need to learn about one more letter: k, as in 14k, 18k, and 24k gold. For starters, it comes in more colors than just yellow.
by The Knot
  1. Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

    The most recognizable and purest of all the gold tones, yellow gold is combined with different metal alloys for added strength – it's generally about 75 percent pure.

    From left: Yellow gold braided wedding rings, $2,640 and $1,245, JessicaFields.com for stores

  2. Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

    A wide hammered gold band sprinkled with bezel-set diamonds is both edgy and chic.

    Yellow gold and white gold wedding ring by Annie Fensterstock, $3,230, TwistOnline.com

  3. Yellow Gold Wedding Rings

    A marquise-cut diamond makes this three-stone wedding band so unique.

    Yellow gold wedding ring with marquise and brilliant diamonds, $2,750, MeganThorne.com for stores

  4. Rose Gold Wedding Rings

    This pink-tinted gold is created by adding copper alloy. The more copper alloy, the deeper the rosy tones will be.

    Rose gold and diamond wedding ring, $1,750, Tiffany.com

  5. Rose Gold Wedding Rings

    One of our favorite styles, the micro-pave band is ideal for stacking.

    Rose gold and diamond wedding ring, $1,800, LoveRocksNY.com

  6. White Gold Wedding Rings

    This silver-toned gold is created when the surface of yellow gold is plated with rhodium.

    White gold and diamond wedding ring by Jolie Designs, $1,335, Clay-Pot.com

  7. White Gold Wedding Rings

    A few well-placed gems give this simple style extra sparkle.

    White gold and diamond wedding ring by OGI, $650, MaxandChloe.com
  8. White Gold Wedding Rings

    Try stacking this thin style with a couple of eternity bands. The marquise-shaped design adds a playful touch.

    White gold and diamond wedding ring, $1,090, Shaesby.com for stores

  9. White Gold Wedding Rings

    Consider swirls to give a basic diamond band some whimsy.

    White gold and diamond wedding ring, $630, Ostbye.com for stores

  10. Black Rhodium Gold Wedding Rings

    This black-colored gold is made when rhodium is added to gold. It gives the metal a slightly tarnished look that never fades.

    Black rhodium gold crown wedding ring by Sethi Couture, $2,085, Fragments.com

  11. Black Rhodium Gold Wedding Rings

    This carbon-colored gold adds a rocker edge to even the most basic bands.

    White gold and black rhodium gold wedding ring, $238, MaxandChloe.com

  12. Black Rhodium Gold Wedding Rings

    Spider-web designs give these gold bands a Gothic makeover.

    From left: Black rhodium wedding ring and yellow gold wedding ring both by K.Brunini, $2,960 each, NeimanMarcus.com/SanFrancisco for special order

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