Green Products to Register For

Punch up your home decor with a nature-inspired color that also has a serene quality.
by Emma Baty

The color green symbolizes harmony and growth, which makes it a perfect hue to think about when creating your wedding registry and your new life as a married couple. Green can add vibrancy to any space or create a calmer vibe.

  1. Tea Kettle

    Circulon tea kettle

    Circulon tea kettle, $30,

  2. Comfy Pillows

    CB2 outdoor pillow

    CB2 outdoor pillow, $30,

  3. Super-Soft Towels

    Lacoste towels

    Baltic Linens Egyptian majestic 6-piece towel set, $70,

  4. Sharp Knife

    Food Network santoku knife

    Food Network santoku knife, $13,

  5. Colorful Cutting Board

    Joseph Joseph cutting board

    Joseph Joseph rinse and chop cutting board, $15,

  6. Green Carafe

    Abigails bubble glass carafe

    Abigails bubble glass carafe, $34,

  7. Coffee Mug

    Le Creuset palm green mug

    Le Creuset palm green mug, $14,

  8. Eco Mower

    GreenWorks lawn mower

    GreenWorks eco-friendly lawn mower, $178,

  9. Accent Table

    Wade Logan end table

    Wade Logan end table, $170,

  10. Eclectic Comforter Set

    Royale Linens comforter set

    Royale Linens comforter set, $55.,

  11. Mandoline

    Swissmar Borner mandoline

    Swissmar Borner mandoline, $42,

  12. Cute Canister

    Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner

    Kenmore canister vacuum cleaner, $150,

    Want to see the rest of the rainbow? Check out these blue products next.

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