39 Groomsmen Photos to Capture on Your Wedding Day

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Updated Oct 25, 2023

Allotting time for wedding party photos is essential when planning the timeline for your big day. Besides the newlyweds and their family members, it's equally important to dedicate part of the photoshoot to capture bridesmaids and groomsmen photos.

The groom's crew plays a big role on the special day. Not only is the best man traditionally responsible for transporting the wedding rings, the rest of the groomsmen can also give toasts during the reception and support the couple throughout the weekend. So, when it's time to take groomsmen pictures, plan for a variety of groomsmen poses and candid moments that'll let their personalities shine. We've rounded up our all-time favorite groomsmen photos from real weddings below. Browse through this list and screenshot your favorite groomsmen photo ideas to share with your photographer for inspiration. (Psst…Still searching for your dream wedding photographer? The Knot Vendor Marketplace has thousands of wedding photographers to capture your day.)

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Groomsmen Getting Ready Photos

Just like the bridesmaids, the groomsmen also often get ready together and have plenty of hang time together before the wedding—and it's a perfect photo opp. Coordinate the timing with your photographer so they're able to capture groomsmen getting ready photos.

Groomsmen Getting Ready Photo With Natural Light

Collars still up and bowties in the process of being tied—the in-between moments are a must-take for groomsmen getting ready photos. Stand by an open window for incredible natural light.

Suiting Up

Putting on the suit jacket is a big deal for any groom while getting ready. Capture the moment he suits up with the help of the best man or family member for a sentimental groom photo idea.

Popping Champagne Groomsmen Getting Ready Photo

Bubbly is a wedding day staple. Grab a picture of your groomsmen popping open a bottle for a celebratory shot.

Wedding Suit Details

You've likely spent months selecting tuxes and suits, so pose for a few close-up shots to highlight the fashion details. Snap details of everything from the boutonnieres and pocket squares to the tie clips and more.

Having a Chat

Don't stress over groomsmen poses and about feeling awkward in front of the camera. Simply sit with your crew and have a casual conversation to take away any nerves and capture natural-looking photos.

Prewedding Toasts

Get the party started pre-ceremony with a celebratory toast. Raise a glass and toast to the groom before heading to the ceremony for a picture-worthy moment. This groom and groomsmen photo will be one to cherish.

A Glamour Shot

Dressing in a tux or three-piece-suit isn't an everyday occurrence. You'll be feeling dapper and worthy of a magazine cover in your wedding attire, so a glamour shot is an excellent photo idea.

Groomsmen Sock Photo Idea

Groomsmen sock photos are iconic. Printed groomsmen socks are a great way to show off everyone's personal style, while also adding in some humor. If your crew will be upgrading their attire with fun socks, add this groomsmen socks photo idea to your shot list.

Personalized Accessories

Groomsmen showing off superhero cufflinks
Photo: Leigh + Becca

Beyond socks, there are so many special outfit touches that'll elevate the groomsmen's attire. If you're splurging on luxe cufflinks or lavish boutonnieres, plan to snap a few closeup shots.

Candid Shots

Candid groomsmen photos go beyond the planned shot list. Tell your photographer that candid pictures are a top priority and they'll make the magic happen.

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Groomsmen Game Day Photos

Often, the crew chosen to stand beside the groom is comprised of college roommates and other buddies that bonded over their time shared together at their alma mater. Celebrate the big day with a festive homage to your college or university. After all, the wedding deserves the same hype that game day gets.

Groomsmen Photo Reppin' College Colors

Passionate about a college football team or MLB squad? Bring out the jerseys and gameday attire. These groomsmen swapped their suit pants for Indiana University's Candy Stripe pants worn by the school's basketball team in an ode to game day.

College Reunion Photo With Groomsmen

Reminsce on the college games day you bonded over early in your friendship with a groomsmen photo that includes merch or paraphernalia from your alma mater. These Boston College grads brought a university banner to commemorate their time spent together at BC.

Groomsmen Photo Idea With Baseball Jerseys

This MLB-loving groom gifted his crew baseball jerseys as a thank-you gift. As a bonus, the sports gear made for a fun groom and groomsmen photo idea.

Groomsmen Picture Idea With Beer Steins

Do you and the guys have a fun game day tradition? Maybe you sit around drinking beer while watching the game or tossing a football. Pay homage to your bonding ritual with a toast on the wedding day.

Funny Groomsmen Photos

There's no rule saying groomsmen photoshoot ideas have to be solemn and serious. We've rounded up some of our favorite funny groomsmen photos to inspire festive, lighthearted pics for your wedding.

Hip, Hip, Hooray—Tossing Groom in the Air Photo

Funny groomsmen photos are a necessary addition to your shot list. Get ready to laugh-out-loud with the guys–pranks included!

Flower Boy

Flower boys are a funny groomsmen photo trend that is here to stay. Capture the humor of the chosen groomsmen as the flower boy making his way down the aisle.

Dance Floor Raise

For a funny groomsmen photo, lift the groom up while partying on the dance floor. Not only will it have the wedding party cracking up, but the whole wedding.

First Look Prank Groomsman Photo Idea

Got a groomsman who's a prankster? Take note and pull this funny prank on the groom for a first-look that will have everyone laughing for years to come.

Cool Groomsmen Photos

Cool groomsmen photos are all about looking suave. Show off your groomsmen's personalities with elements of your friendship that are near and dear, like shared hobbies and passions.

Fishing-Themed Groomsmen Photo to Honor Hobbies

If the groom and groomsmen share a beloved hobby (like fly fishing), honor it like these groomsmen did. The two groomsmen threw on waders for their speech to toast the groom during the wedding reception.

Temporary Tattoos

Matching temporary tattoos are a unique way to get cool groomsmen photos. While this groom chose Harry Potter as his ink theme, you can choose anything meaningful to the groom's crew.

Shades On

Have your groomsmen (and the groom) throw on a pair of sunglasses. It's an effortlessly-cool look to get on film.

Groom Photo With the Best Man

There's a reason why the best man was chosen by the groom, so the best man definitely deserves some solo time while taking groomsmen pictures. Pull your right-hand man aside to pose for pics that show off your strong bond.

Groomsmen Photo With Themed Undershirts

Socks aren't the only way to spice up your tux or suit. Another way to upgrade your groomsmen attire is to wear a fun undershirt. Whether you're all die-hard fans of the same sports team or your group owns corresponding superhero tees, wear something funky under your button-up as a creative way to customize your looks.

Dramatic Outdoor Venue Shot

Take your groomsmen photoshoot outside the venue and utilize it to the fullest, whether it includes a lavish staircase or a sprawling lawn. Groomsmen photos that show off the special location should take top priority.

Casual Groomsmen Selfies

Groomsmen selfies are one way to make sure you have a photo for yourself. A picture of a picture is a fun way to remember the small moments throughout your big day.

Picture of Groomsmen During the Ceremony

All eyes will be on the couple during the ceremony, but the photographer can still snap a few photos of the wedding party taking it all in and supporting their best friend. These tender moments will mean a lot.

The Best Man's Toast

The best man's speech is one of the most anticipated events of the reception–and hopefully will deliver lots of laughs (and maybe a few tears). Let your photographer know exactly when it'll happen so they can capture everyone's reaction.

Groomsmen Celebrating at the Reception

Your wedding isn't complete without a party, and the wedding reception dance floor is where it's at. You'll be grateful to have photos of your groomsmen showing off their best dance moves and singing along at your wedding reception.

The Wedding Exit With Groomsmen

Your wedding exit is the last chance to snap a few final groomsmen photos. Plus, it can be super emotional. This is an essential picture opportunity, especially if you're leaving under a bridge of sparklers or a spectacle courtesy of your wedding party.

Groomsmen Photo Walking to the Ceremony

In the minutes before the ceremony, emotions always run high. Your excitement will be noticeable as you walk to the ceremony, which will translate into amazing wedding pictures. Ask your photographer to document the moments just before you say "I do."

Creative Groomsmen Photos

Keep your groomsmen photos from being stale with some creative groomsmen photos. Plan for a unique shot with the fellas by implementing outfit changes and props.

Casual Groomsmen Photo Idea With Denim Jackets

Groomsmen rocked denim jackets as a playful nod to groom's daily uniform
Photo: Katie Rivera Photography

For this groom, denim jackets were a part of his daily uniform. If suits aren't your speed, feel free to get creative and have your wedding party don casual attire that fits your vibe.

Make Newspaper Headlines

Groom Reading Custom Newspaper With Couple's Wedding Information
Photo: Oak Media

Create a custom wedding newspaper with the couple's wedding on the front page of a mock newspaper (like this funny groom and his groomsmen did). Keep it a secret until you get your wedding photos back for a surprise for the bride.

Get Hyped for the Baraat

This groom and his groomsmen went all out with decorating a Ford Bronco for the Indian wedding baraat. Their excitement is practically palpable.

Wedding Party Groomsmen Photos

Gather your groomsmen together for wedding party photos. Wedding party shots leave no one out, including the bride, bridesmaids and pets, if present.

Groomsmen Photo With the Bridesmaids

The wedding party may also includes the bridesmaids, and some of the best groomsmen photo ideas should involve them. Wedding party snapshots are an absolute must, so gather the entire crew for a variety of photos.

Boosting the Bride

Snap a pic of the groomsmen picking up the bride for genuine laughs and some memorable bride and groomsmen photos. Plus, you can see which of the guys is really the strongest, after all.

Honorary Pet Groomsmen

Pets should absolutely have a spot as honorary groomsmen. Make sure to snap a photo of your furry friend at the ceremony with the crew.

Stroll a Crosswalk With the Wedding Party

Ceremony in an urban setting? Feature the cityscape with the entire wedding party crossing a crosswalk.

Groomsmen Picture With the Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is one of the cutest elements of any big day. Have the ring bearer and flower girl stand in for a few shots with the rest of the wedding party.

Confetti Toss Wedding Party Picture

A confetti toss is post-ceremony always brings genuine smiles. Have your wedding party shower you in colorful confetti for a picture-perfect moment.

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