29 Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Hairstyles That Offer the Best of Both Worlds

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Updated Mar 22, 2021

You don't have to choose between wearing your hair up or down on your wedding day. If you want to show off your gorgeous locks but don't want them falling in your face, a half-up half-down wedding hair 'do might be the perfect look for you. The bottom of your hair can hang freely while the top is tucked back so you can show off your stunning wedding day makeup.

Whether you're looking for a classic half-up hairstyle or a laid-back bohemian hairdo with a few braids, we rounded up our favorite half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles to inspire you. If you're unsure about how to narrow down the options, think about your wedding day outfit. Take your wedding outfit's neckline, jewelry and veil (if you're wearing one) into consideration.

Your wedding hairstylist may have some suggestions for you too. Try out a couple of looks at your trial before making up your mind on exactly which half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle you want. But before you schedule your wedding hair trial, it's best to gather inspiration. Prepare by checking out our favorite half-up half-down wedding hairstyles, below.

Medium-Length Hair Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Hairstyles

If you have medium-length hair, there are plenty of half-up wedding hairstyles for you to choose from. See some of our favorites, below.

Show off your gorgeous natural texture. Create a center part and then pull the top half of your hair back tightly and secure with pins. Add a headpiece for extra sparkle.

half up wedding hairstyle natural texture

To ensure your tresses don't fall in your face during your wedding, pull the top half back. Starting at your ears, pull the two sides of your hair back and secure with pins or an elastic.

For a classic, romantic look, have your stylist tease the top of your hair and gently pin the sides back. Add a veil or keep it plain to show off your gorgeous curls.

Dreaming of a boho braided hairstyle? Braid the sides of your hair back and add in colorful flowers.

half up wedding hairstyle pieces out front

Or, achieve a laid-back look by leaving two pieces out in front. This will add a wispy, romantic touch to a simple half-up half-down wedding hairstyle.

half up wedding hairstyle with twists and flowers

Create a hairstyle that looks straight out of a fairytale. Spin the top half of your hair into three separate twists and combine them at the back. Top with fresh flowers for a pretty touch.

Achieve a retro half-up wedding hairstyle by teasing the top half of your hair and pulling it up and over behind your head to create a bouffant. Leave two front pieces to achieve a true vintage look.

We love this regal-looking style because it's classic but not too stiff. Curl your hair and then pull the sides back towards the bottom of your head. Secure with a beaded headpiece.

This half-up half-down wedding hairstyle is perfectly undone. Have your stylist tease the crown of your head and then pull it back loosely. Don't worry if some pieces fall out—it'll just add to the effortlessly gorgeous look.

For a minimalist style, pull your hair up over the top of your head and secure with an elastic or pin. Show off your personality with a colorful flower or beaded hair piece.

Create a deep side part and pull your hair back but leave a piece out on one side for an old Hollywood-glam style.

Score the classic half-up half-down wedding hairstyle. Part your hair to the side and gently sweep the sides to the back of your head. Secure with pins and add in a veil.

Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

You can still rock a half-up, half-down wedding hairdo with short hair! We rounded the most Insta-worthy styles below.

Add loose waves into your hair and twist the sides of your hair back. Secure with pins for a simple, pretty look.

Use the top half of your hair to create chunky braids and pin them back behind your head. Add in oversized flowers for a whimsical touch.

We can't stop staring at this gorgeous half-up wedding hairstyle. The combination of the twists and wildflowers create a dreamy, boho vibe.

Looking for an effortlessly gorgeous hairstyle? Braid the sides of your hair back and add a few white flowers (like anemones or baby's breath) in the back.

half up wedding hair for short hair with braids and flower crown

Show off your rustic aesthetic with this pretty hairdo. Small braids and a flower crown instantly elevate a simple half-up hairstyle.

Have your stylist loosely braid your hair on both sides. Then, gently pull them back (leaving two pieces out in front) for a laid-back look.

Add some texture to a classic half-up half-down wedding hairstyle by creating two twists on each side of your head and pulling them back. Top with a veil or the hair accessory of your choice.

Long Hair Half-Up, Half-Down Wedding Hairstyles

Whether you naturally have long hair or you're using hair extensions, a full-on down style can be intimidating. You don't want it getting in the way, after all. Show off your gorgeous long locks while still keeping your hair tame with these pretty half-up hairstyles.

half up wedding hairstyle long hair center part with volume

Go full-on glam. Curl your hair with an oversized barrel and then tease the crown of your head. Create a center part and pull your hair back for a dramatic, stunning style.

half up half down wedding hairstyle braids

Let your braids shine with this simple 'do. Loosely pull the two sides of your hair back and tie with an elastic.

French braid the sides of your hair back and top with a headpiece for a pretty, boho look.

Add a touch of sparkle to a half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle with a pretty hair pin.

Looking for a modern take on the traditional flower crown? Braids and orchids will take your half-up wedding hair to the next level.

Here's a trendy half-up hairstyle idea: Use your own hair to create a barrette. Fishtail your hair in the back of your head for an effortlessly gorgeous style.

Easily elevate your half-up half-down wedding hairstyle by topping it with a flower crown or headband.

Another pro of a half-up wedding hairdo? It allows your show-stopping headpiece—like this stunning jewelry—to shine.

half up half down wedding hairstyle with barrette and veil

A subtle plait and golden hair piece create a classy, dreamy look.

half up half down wedding hairstyle with sparkly barrette

We're here for a romantic, regency-inspired hairstyle. Pull the sides of your hair back and top with a Bridgerton-inspired hair piece (like a hair vine or a tiara).

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