An Overview of Hawaiian Destination Weddings

by the knot

Why Here?

Bill Gates, Matt LeBlanc, and Ben Stiller are just a handful of the celebrities who've said "I do" on these gorgeous shores, and it's easy to see why. With some of the most dramatic sunsets on the planet as a ceremony backdrop, you'd be hard-pressed to beat Hawaii for romance.

What to Know

  • Choose the Big Island for black sand beaches and a volcanic, lunar-like landscape; Oahu and Maui for their many lagoons (perfect for a private swim); and Kauai for its lush, tropical, untouched beauty. Decide to get married on one, and then spend your honeymoon getting to know the others.
  • The wedding consultants on staff at Hawaii's many resorts are a great planning resource. Figure out which island you want to marry on, and then call a handful of planners -- let them sell you on the benefits of their particular properties.

Marriage Requirements

  • Residency requirement: None
  • Necessary documents: Valid drivers licenses or passports; any required written consents and approvals.
  • Note: Blood tests are not required and once the license is issued, it is valid immediately but will expire in 30 days. The bride and groom must apply for the license together, in person.

For more info: Hawaii State Department of Health, (808) 586-4545, or

Photo: Chrissy Lambert Rhodes

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