Groom Style: How Can I Help My Groom Look His Best?


I'm doing everything possible to ensure that I look my best for our wedding next month. But what can I do to give my fiance a boost to make him feel pampered and looking his best for our wedding day?


It's easy to forget that there is more a man can do to look his absolute best than getting a shave and a trim. Perhaps you can treat your honey to a facial. While he may resist at first, once he's settled in the chair and feels the soothing steam and relaxing masks, he'll be in heaven (and you'll love his baby soft skin too!). Ever heard of a "buff, no polish" manicure? It's popular with the guys to clean up their hands and nails -- and what better time than a wedding when so much attention will be focused on his hands? A full body massage will also help ease tension and give him a more relaxed and happy glow on your wedding day.

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