Tips to Holiday Eating (and Keeping the Pounds Off!)

For you, the next few months are "wedding season" -- but not for everyone else. For most people, including your coworkers, family and friends, it's the season of deck-your-waist-with-extra-pounds. The holiday season is officially here.
by The Knot

So what are you going to do about it? You can take a few simple steps to prevent packing on any extra pounds during the next couple of months.

Eat First, Party Later

If you know you're going to a holiday get-together and there will be lots of unhealthy food there, why not have a healthy meal before you go? Eat some fruit or a salad to make sure you aren't too hungry when you're confronted with your sister-in-law's apple cranberry crisp or Grandma's famous pumpkin spice cake. If you already feel full, it will be easier to avoid those tempting dishes.

A Healthy Dish in Hand

If you can't eat ahead of time, then make your own menu. Bring a veggie platter to the Christmas party. Or if you know there will be tons of Santa Claus- or dreidel-shaped cookies in the office kitchen, bring a bowl of fruit. Take responsibility and ensure that you always have a healthy alternative available.

Be a Cheater!

If you can't avoid partaking in holiday food, that's actually okay. On any healthy eating plan, you should have one or two cheat meals per week. Plan ahead so your cheat meal coincides with that holiday gathering. Then you can chow down on those latkes or pumpkin cheesecake squares -- in moderation, of course.

The Bottom Line: As tempting as it is to join in the festivities without a care in the world, you're the ultimate decision maker when it comes to staying on track with your wedding fitness goals. You can do it, and you'll be so glad you did.

Doug Rice

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