How to DIY a Carnation Pomander

Looking for an alternative to the traditional bridal bouquet? Here's how to make a carnation pomander in 3 easy steps.
by The Knot

Thinking of making your own bridal bouquet? This puffy pomander is a beautiful design for casual or formal events. Carnation blossoms, removed from their stems in groups, are arranged on a floral foam sphere to create a captivating pomander bouquet. Choose a bold color, like scarlet, to accent gowns -- brides', bridesmaids', or flower girls'. Here's how to make it happen.

What You'll Need:

  • Carnation blooms
  • Boutonniere pins
  • Corded tassel
  • Floral tape
  • Oasis floral foam ball
  • Oasis floral adhesive
  • Wired picks

Knot Note: A decorative corded tassel, which has been separated into two elements, serves as the looped handle and the accenting tassel. Both items -- the ends of which must be taped to avoid unraveling and water wicking -- add a little glamour to the pomander.

Step 1: Preparing the Pomander

  • Clip carnation florets from their stems in groups, leaving the longest stems possible.
  • Insert the groups into a saturated Oasis foam ball; if necessary, secure the placements with boutonniere pins.

Step 2: Attach the Cord

  • Attach the cording loop to a wired pick.
  • Dip the pick's unwired end into floral adhesive, and press the pick into the floral foam ball.

Step 3: Threading the Cord

  • Attach the tassel to a wired pick.
  • Dip the pick's unwired end into floral adhesive, and press the pick into the base of the floral foam ball.

It's as simple as that -- a 3-step process, and you have your bridal or bridesmaid bouquets. Handle with care.

Excerpted from Florists' Review: 101 Wedding Bouquets. To order a copy of the book, call (800) 367-4708.

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