How to DIY a Calla Lily Bouquet

This DIY is easy and elegant. Does it get any better? Here's how to make your own contemporary sheaf of calla lilies in just 4 easy steps.
by the knot

Thinking of making your own bridal bouquet? Instead of ribbon, this contemporary calla lily bouquet is wrapped with a sheaf of variegated leaves taken from exotic ginger plants. The yellowish variegation of the leaf wrapping coordinates beautifully with yellow calla lilies and enhances the bouquet's dignified appearance. But if a bride prefers something other than yellow, miniature callas offer a multitude of color choices, many of which would be complemented by the ginger leaves.

Why it's so great? It's regal enough for the bride and easy enough to be made in multiples for attendants, this sleek sheaf-like creation has an air of formality that dictates its use at grand summertime events.

What You'll Need:

  • Miniature calla lilies
  • Oasis waterproof tape
  • Tack 2000 spray adhesive
  • Variegated ginger leaves

Step 1: Prepare the Leaves

  • Take two or three ginger leaves and make them more pliable by cutting away some of the apexes. (Save for later.)

Step 2: Pick the Lilies

  • Select your calla lilies.
  • Arrange them to your liking.
  • Surround the blossoms with vertically placed ginger leaves.

Step 3: Bind It Together

  • Bind the stems and leaves with waterproof tape.

Step 4: Wrap It Up!

  • Spray the backsides of the more pliable leaves with adhesive.
  • Starting just below the blossoms, wrap the design with the leaves.

Excerpted from Florists' Review: 101 Wedding Bouquets. To order a copy of the book, call (800) 367-4708.

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