Wedding Ceremony: How to Acknowledge the Death of a Wedding Attendant?


One of my fiance's groomsmen was killed in Iraq. My fiance is not asking anyone to take his place in the wedding, but besides that notable absence we would really like to find a way to honor him that's both delicate and proper. Do you have any suggestions?


First, our condolences. It is only fitting that you would like to honor your friend and groomsman, and exactly how you do so is up to you. One option would be to include a special prayer or reading in the ceremony. Another would be to have a candle lighting, or simply to keep a candle lit at the ceremony with a photo or a card explaining its significance to guests. You might also use a small flower arrangement to save a seat in his honor at your wedding ceremony. Talk with your fiance and figure something out that you both feel would be fitting and appropriate.

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