Wedding Details: How Can We Cut Wedding Costs?


We're not very far into wedding planning (we've only booked the basics), and I'm afraid we're already way over our wedding budget. We don't have a lot of leeway when it comes to money -- how can we cut wedding costs?


When it comes to your ceremony site fee, reception site rental, gown, and even most of your vendors, you're dealing with a fixed cost -- after all, a deal's a deal once you've signed on the dotted line. Unless you're prepared to have truly minimalist decorations, the only way you can really cut costs is to cut your guest list. How does that make such a big difference? Think of it this way: If you've got tables with ten guests each, even if the linens, table, chairs, and ten place settings are included in your reception site cost, you've still got (for example) one $150 centerpiece and ten $50 meal to serve (plus approximately $15 worth of drinks per person). With those numbers, just ten guests will cost you $800! Hence, cut just one table full of guests from your list, save $800. It's a bigger dent than you'll make going wild with the DIY decor -- plus it'll save you a lot of pre-wedding stress.

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