Bridesmaid Dresses: How Do I Involve Out-of-Town Maids?


My bridal attendants are scattered from San Diego to Sarasota. What's the best way to get them involved in choosing their bridesmaid dresses?


Go digital. Email and the Internet offer several ways to show off the wedding gown you've chosen and get attendants' feedback on which dress they think it best complements without having to assemble everyone in one city. First, check out the more than 20,000 gorgeous wedding gowns on The Knot Wedding Gown Search. Next, do the same with The Knot Bridesmaid Dress Search. As a member of The Knot, you can save the dresses you like to your online notebook and then email them to whomever you like. Option number two: When you go shopping for gowns, bring along a digital camera -- if you don't own one, perhaps you can borrow one from a friend for this special occasion. Snap some shots and email away.

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