Bridesmaids: How Do I Unchoose a Bridesmaid?


My wedding isn't for a while, however, one of my bridesmaids betrayed my trust. When I confronted her, her attitude upset me. My fiance thinks that we should ask her to leave the wedding party. I'm torn. How does one remove a bridesmaid politely?


There's no polite way to take back the question, "Will you be in my wedding party?" In this case, however, it doesn't sound like she was very polite to you either! If you're reluctant to remove her from the wedding party because she is a friend you've been close to for a while -- despite what happened -- talk to her again about this issue. Let her know that it hurt you that she betrayed your trust, and her attitude when you confronted her hurt you even more. Whatever you do, don't just drop her from the wedding party without telling her. Talk to her about it and make sure you're both clear about what's going on. Good luck!

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