Wedding Ceremony: How Does the Wedding Party Line Up?

by The Knot

What is the proper order to line up the bridesmaids and groomsmen? I was under the impression that you have them in the order of who is important in your life. Someone else said you put them in order by height. Which is right?


This question is actually tougher than it sounds. The height thing is a matter of opinion, not etiquette. If it matters to you aesthetically, you may very well want to line people up by height. But the idea of lining up your attendants in order of importance -- the maid of honor (perhaps your sister) closest to you, then your best friend, then your cousin, and then your other two close friends -- makes sense too. The one weird thing about that is that all of these people are important to you, or else they wouldn't be in your wedding party. You don't want them to feel like the closer they are to you in line, the more important they are to you. And another thing: Even if you line people up by height, the shortest ones may feel that they are least important. See how this can get sticky?

Do the height thing automatically only if you care about it for the pictures. But approach the "you're important to me" thing with care as well -- you don't want any hurt feelings.

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