Wedding Guest List: Too Many Wedding Guests for an At-Home Wedding?


We're getting married in the new home we just bought. The wedding will be catered. We expect about 100 wedding guests -- is that too many?


Your guest list depends on the size of your house! If you have a decent-sized backyard, you'll probably be fine. Just remember to consider where you'll seat everyone. You don't have to set up reception tables, but make sure you provide a good amount of indoor and outdoor seating -- you might want to bring in extra folding chairs and tables (and a tent, depending on the season and regional weather). Talk to your caterer about how and where items will be set up -- he or she will probably be able to tell you if you're cutting it close space-wise.

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We are having the ceremony and the reception at the same site. Our officiant is a wonderful man who we like very much, but we only met him recently. We are paying him for his services, but I thought it would be appropriate to ask him to stay for the wedding reception. My mother thinks that it's not necessary, and that we should ask him to stay only for cocktails. My father doesn't think we need to invite him at all. What should we do?

by The Knot2 min read