Wedding Registry: How Many Wedding Registries Should You Have?


How many stores are appropriate to select for my wedding registry? I only want a few quality items from certain specialty stores. I don't want to seem picky and greedy if I register at more than three different stores.


Yes, you can register at more than one store, and no, you won't seem greedy. The tricky part is making sure that your bridal party and parents know exactly where you're registered to get the word out (remember, word of mouth is the only appropriate way to inform guests where you've registered). Also keep in mind that if you spread your registries too thin, you may find yourself with very few items from each store. Otherwise, your idea is very appropriate -- why not register for things you truly want? You're the bride -- take pride in being picky!

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My future mother-in-law is pushing for us to register at a high-end department store where my family (and most of our friends) can barely afford to purchase a butter knife. Is it okay to have more than one wedding registry, or is there something else I can do to make wedding gift giving easier on our more budget-conscious wedding guests?

by The Knot2 min read